Wednesday, February 20, 2019

5 Nourishing, Moisturizing Products to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

Moisturizing your body's largest organ is a need that is especially important during this blustery season.  Winter's dry, frigid air can really do a number on the skin!

Moisturizers lock in water and protect the skin from irritants such as cold weather and dry climates.  Using a moisturizer daily can help prevent such irritations and this is something you don’t want to skimp on when a frosty wind is blowing your way.

Still, no matter the season, moisturizing your skin should be a top priority in your daily routine.  Who doesn’t want soft, supple, silky smooth skin?

Lavender Skin Care Products handmade by Pelindaba Lavender

Taking just a few minutes daily to apply your preferred moisturizer will help fend off dryness linked with itching, dry patches and will keep your skin hydrated. 

To help you find the moisturizer that works best for you, we selected some of our favorite products to help fight dry skin throughout the season.  The inclusion of lavender essential oil to Pelindaba's skin moisturizing products brings added natural antibacterial and disinfectant benefits to this necessary daily skin care routine.

Lavender Hand and Body Lotion


Our certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Hydrosol are blended with a selection of organic natural oils and plant extracts to create our paraben-free Lavender Hand & Body Lotion.

These ingredients assist in hydrating and rejuvenating all skin types.  The nourishing oils will be absorbed very quickly, giving the right amount of moisture to the skin and leaving it feeling silky smooth.

Apply generously after washing hands, showering or bathing, or whenever the skin feels dry.




Lavender Body Oil


5 Nourishing, Moisturizing Products to Add to Your Skin Care Routine


Our Lavender Body Oil is a wonderfully fragrant natural skin moisturizer that can be used for the body and the face.  For use after bathing or showering or whenever an oil rather than a lotion is preferred.

Apply in small quantities and allow to soak into the skin before dressing.




Lavender Body Butter


5 Nourishing, Moisturizing Products to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

Lavender Body Butter is a luxurious firm cream that continues to grow in popularity as a general facial moisturizer and as a particularly effective skin softener for hands and feet.

The principal ingredient, organic shea butter, is derived from a tree that grows in the wooded savannahs of West Africa.  With the addition of our Organic Lavender Essential Oil and other natural oils, its beneficial properties are enhanced (and its fragrance made irresistible!).

This thick, rich cream will melt luxuriously into the skin, leaving it smooth and soft throughout the day and night.



Lavender Body Wash


 5 Nourishing, Moisturizing Products to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

Our Lavender Body Wash is specially formulated to take full advantage of the cleansing and moisturizing properties of several organic plant oils.

It lathers very nicely and leaves your skin fresh and moisturized after a shower.  Gentle enough for all skin types - including infants and children - and has no added thickeners or fillers like gluten.


Lavender Moisturizing Soap


5 Nourishing, Moisturizing Products to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

The blending of six additional vegetable oils and shea butter, ensures this soap bar is soft yet cleansing, with superior moisturizing qualities and a wonderful lavender scent.

This gentle soap is suitable for use anywhere in the home or if you are washing your hands frequently at work.  Continue the lavender theme with a handmade ceramic Lavender Soap Dish made by local San Juan Island artist Lauren Jawer.  As we do not use any synthetic preservatives in our lavender soaps, it is best to store them in a slotted or raised soap dish like these lovely dishes so they do not sit in water between uses.

Whether you have a preference for balms, lotions or oils - the important thing is to take care of the skin.  A little time, a little effort and a good product used daily will yield wonderful long-term results that your older self will thank you for!

For those with more acute skin concerns like cold sores, eczema or even those undergoing radiation, our line of lavender-based therapeutic skin care products is well worth a browse.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Easy Lavender Chocolate Brownie Recipe

One of the most widely enjoyed culinary lavender pairings is lavender and chocolate.  For chocolate lovers and lavender lovers, the pairing provides a unique taste adventure of slightly sweet floral notes that blend beautifully with the deep, rich notes of chocolate.

Joined together as Lavender Brownies, the two loves create a delightful treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth with their delicious combined flavor.  And, you won't believe how simple they are to make!

Lavender Chocolate Brownies made with Pelindaba Lavender's Organic Culinary Lavender

So simple in fact that whipping up a batch to share with friends and co-workers this Valentine's Day is a snap!  (Or anytime really!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Easy After School Valentine's Day Treats For Kids

Create a new tradition with your beloved little ones and add a touch of lavender to your family Valentine’s Day festivities.  Although non-traditional in modern Valentine’s Day celebrations, there are bountiful lavender-based sweets and treats that will surely bring a delighted smile to a child’s face.  From after-school snacks to bath time treats, try one or enjoy them all!

Valentine's Day Treats made with organic lavender from Pelindaba Lavender


How To Create Valentine's Day Treats For Kids


Lavender Honey Hearts

Create a twist on a classic peanut butter and honey sandwich.  Cut sliced bread of choice into heart shapes using an open metal cookie cutter or sharp knife.  Spread one side each of heart cutout with peanut (or other nut) butter and Organic Lavender Honey and press together.  Add a dollop of strawberry jam for an extra delectable sandwich.  Infused with our organically certified lavender flower buds, this wonderful certified organic wildflower honey from Brazil is also delicious on toast and scones.

How To Create Valentine's Day Treats For Kids

How To Create Valentine's Day Treats For Kids

Easy after school Valentine's Day treats for kids

Chocolate Lavender Dipped Strawberries

If a light dessert or snack is desired, try dipping strawberries in Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce.  Our delicious chocolate sauce is produced in small batches with European-style (Dutch Process) cocoa powder.  Dutch Process cocoa produces a mellower flavor and darker color than other processed cocoa powders.  It is also vegan and dairy free!

For a truly decadent dessert, assemble an ice cream sundae with ingredients of your choosing and top with a generous spoonful of Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce and a cherry.  Strawberry sorbet or cherry ice cream are particularly luscious with our Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce.

A Warm Chocolate Hug For The Tummy

If Valentine's Day is particularly chilly outside, serve Lavender Gourmet Hot Chocolate with a sweet, colorful twist.  Our hot chocolate mix is yet another of our growing line of carefully blended lavender-flavored chocolate offerings based on the best of Guittard chocolate bases.  Includes miniature marshmallows.  After preparing Lavender Hot Chocolate, add a dusting of heart shaped sprinkles to each mug.

In preparation for a peaceful Valentine's Day night...

A special Valentine's Day Treat - Lavender Bubble Bath  

A Lavender Bubble Bath Adventure

What child of any age doesn’t love a bath brimming with bubbles?  Add a generous amount of our Lavender Bubble Bath to warm running water for mountains of fluffy suds.  Our wonderfully aromatic Lavender Bubble Bath brings together all the benefits of a broad spectrum of natural plant oils to cleanse and nourish the skin, as well as the soothing, relaxing and fragrant qualities of lavender.

A Lavender Kiss Before Bed

To promote restful slumber and heal and re-hydrate chapped skin, at bed time or as needed, coat rosy cheeks with a generous application of our Lavender Treatment Stick.  Since the time of St. Valentine of Rome in the 3rd century, lavender essential oil has been known as an effective calming and sleep inducing medium.  Formulated in a protective base of beeswax and soothing plant oils for hydration, use of our Lavender Treatment Stick is sure to inspire sweet dreams.  So versatile and easy to use, even little hands can manage.

Now that the kiddos are in bed, you parents might enjoy a little romantic Valentine's Day date of your own.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lavender Chamomile Tea - A Calming Bedtime Ritual To Aid Sleep

Many of us have well established morning rituals that we have practiced countless times before to welcome the new day.  Whether these rituals are brief or complex, quick or lengthy, they are deeply personal and requisite for feeling ready for whatever lies ahead in the new day.

Evening routines, on the other hand, are much less common.  How many of us have a ritual we perform at the close of the day to prepare us for a restful night?  Good nightly sleep is vital to overall health and to productive days.  Should we not, therefore, take as much care with the beginning of our nights as we do with the beginning of our days?

Since most morning rituals include a warm beverage, we will need one for our evening routine.  Being naturally caffeine-free, our Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea is an ideal companion for the evening.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea made with our organic lavender for bedtime

The flowery combination of the finest organic Egyptian chamomile flowers grown in the Nile Delta and our own organically grown “Provence” culinary lavender will help you relax and unwind.  The aromatic and flavorful chamomile is naturally caffeine-free and is an excellent calming and soothing herbal tea.  The similar properties of lavender make this unique herbal tea blend — relaxing and comforting.

Its calming effect will also help reduce stress and anxiety, making it one of the best teas to enjoy when settling down for a good night’s sleep.  This aromatic and relaxing caffeine-free tea brews to a light golden color and has a natural floral sweetness.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea made with our organic lavender for bedtime

A Calming Evening Ritual

Best performed near bedtime to aid sleep.


Step 1 : Turn off the screen

All of them!  That means the TV, computer, tablet, phone, etc.  This is a time to pause the constant stream of content we encounter in our modern lives.  This is a time to slow the pace at which we are moving, thinking and processing and begin to prepare for the quiet pace the body and mind need for the night.


Step 2: Lower the lights

Reducing the lighting at home in the evenings will help queue your internal clock that it's time to prepare for sleep.  Following its circadian rhythm, the body can respond to bright light in the same way it does to the rising sun – it's time to get up (or stay up in this case)!


Step 3: Brew a cup of Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea

  • Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil.
  • Use one teaspoon of whole leaf Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea for each cup desired.
  • Pour boiling water over tea and let it steep for 3-6 minutes according to taste.
  • Remove tea and enjoy.


Step 4: Spend the next 30 minutes slowly

Curl up with a blanket and spend some time reading a favorite book.  Or, perhaps, gather loved ones on the couch and talk about the day that has past and the day that is approaching.  A lavender bath might be up your alley.  Or, bundle up and watch the stars with your hot tea in hand.  Whatever you do, let it be something that slows the evening and promotes a sense of calm.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea made with our organic lavender for bedtime

Step 5: Smell the lavender

Just before retiring, apply a couple drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil just under the nose.  Lavender essential oil's natural sedative properties will help you quickly drift off to sleep.  We like to keep a roll-on bottle of lavender essential oil on the night stand to reapply should we be awakened during the night.

To sleeping well!

Are you a little unsure about a Lavender Chamomile Tea? Here's what others say:

Carrie from Texas
"So relaxing for my evening cup of tea! My sister loves the tea so much too!!! I gave her some tins as a gift and she is hooked!"

Autumn from Washington
"This tea is a delicious healthy beverage that I love to drink before bed. I use one teaspoon for a pot of tea and steep it for 30 minutes. Its soothing taste and aroma helps me relax after a long day."

NG from Florida
"Sleepy time, here I come! Mild taste."

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to Remove Tree Sap with Lavender Essential Oil

Our lavender farm is located in the rural countryside of San Juan Island in the Pacific Northwest.  Many of our staff also live in the country and use wood stoves to heat their homes in the winter.  Hours have been spent this fall in splitting and stacking firewood in preparation for the task of carrying armloads of wood inside to the fireplace all winter.

Removing Sticky Tree Sap with Lavender Essential Oil from Pelindaba Lavender 

While this may sound romantic, it's hard work, and sticky sap-covered hands are often an unfortunate problem when handling these forest riches.

You may know from experience how stubborn and tacky sap can be.  If you look up “how to remove sap from your hands” you’ll get all kinds of suggestions for household remedies including rubbing peanut butter, Crisco, toothpaste, nail polish remover, bug spray or WD-40 all over your hands!

Removing this tacky substance doesn’t have to be as unpleasant as these options sound.   Not when there is a much better smelling, all-natural alternative – Organic Lavender Essential Oil.  One of lavender's least known attributes is that of being a highly effective organic solvent.  It will rapidly help remove grease, glues and paint from various surfaces all the while with a much more pleasant (and safer to smell) odor than other chemical solvents.

How to Remove Tree Sap with Lavender Essential Oil 

Our Organic Lavender Essential Oil will readily dissolve the sap left on wood-hauling hands, leaving no gluey residue behind.  Simply apply a drop or two of undiluted, pure lavender essential oil to the hands** and rub together.  Once hands are no longer sticky, wash with soap and warm water.

** Note: Lavender Essential Oil is one of the few pure, essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin with no ill effects.

Lavender Essential Oil an All Natural Solvent

For targeting areas more directly, we offer our pure, organically certified lavender essential oil in elegant spill-proof, roll-on bottles for convenient application directly to the skin.  To ensure optimum quality, all our essential oil is Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture and distilled right here on the farm exclusively from the lavender flowers we grow ourselves here in our own fields.

Use Organic Lavender Essential Oil to remove sticky sap 

Have you used lavender essential oil as a solvent?  Share your story in the comments below. 

How to Remove Tree Sap with Lavender Essential Oil from pelindaba Lavender Farm

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Valentine's Date Itinerary for Romantic Evening at Home

Oh, l'amour!  Nothing sets the mood quite like the warm glow of candle light and some soft music.

Actually, in a famous study conducted by Dr. Alan R. Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago*, certain scents were found to stimulate arousal more than others.  Dr Hirsch revealed one of the most notable scents for sexual arousal (especially for increasing penile blood flow in men) was lavender!  Interested in the concept, read the study.

The science behind it might not seem so sexy, but you may find that working lavender into your romantic evening may help things get steamy, faster.

Lavender Candles made with organic lavender essential oil


Using Lavender as an Arousal Stimulant

For those of us with sweethearts, Valentine's Day brings a welcome excuse to warm our hearts with a little romance.  If you're pining about what to do for your love this holiday, we put together a sensual itinerary featuring the scent and taste of lavender for a fairytale evening together in the comfort of your own home.
Oh, la la!

Start the Evening by Sharing Some Lavender Chocolates

Chocolates are well-known for their endorphin-increasing qualities.  Imagine what adding a touch of lavender to these already-stimulating treats will contribute to your evening plans with your sweetheart.

After your Valentine's Day dinner, round out your dessert with some of our handcrafted Organic Lavender Chocolates or drizzle our decadent Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce on top of cake or ice cream!

Organic Lavender Gourmet Chocolates handcrafted by Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Warm Your Bodies with a Therapeutic Lavender Massage

A gentle massage can improve circulation and lower blood pressure, which may help you relax and increase healthy blood flow to more fully enjoy the tender moments in the bedroom with your partner.

Our handcrafted Lavender Massage Oil is designed to warm quickly in the hand and absorb slowly into the skin, allowing for a longer, more luxurious and sensual massage.

Elevate the ambience with a lavender-scented candle or two.  We make candles in a variety of sizes and styles, and all of our candles are handcrafted using lead-free wicks and the finest soy waxes, along with our own farm-distilled organic essential oil, not the cheaper and far more common artificial "fragrance" or "essence."

Luxurious Lavender Massage Oil made with Organic Lavender Essential Oil from Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Wash Off in a Romantic Candlelit Lavender Bubble Bath

Round out the evening with a wash in the bath to rinse off any lingering oil and leave your skin feeling soft, supple, scented and ready for your lover's caress.

Try our very bubbly and aromatic Lavender Bubble Bath, which is packaged in a 40% post recycled glass bottle.  When you run out, we offer refills so you can reuse the beautiful glass bottle again and again.  Don't forget, of course, to stage some candles near the bath to continue the ambience.

Lavender Bubble Bath made with Organic Lavender Essential Oil from Pelindaba Lavender Farm

We hope you enjoy some of this sensual itinerary with your romantic partner this holiday.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and the love in your life!

* Reference: Human Male Sexual Response to Olfactory Stimuli - Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., F.A.C.P., and Jason J. Gruss

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Natural Benefits of Shaving with Lavender

Shaving can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for some.  This is often due to the irritating synthetic fragrances, drying alcohols and lathery foams found in many shaving products that tend to deplete the skin of its own natural protective oils.  In particular, sensitive facial skin that is more frequently shaved needs extra care.

A natural and nourishing shave using lavender essential oil 

Born of a special request by one of our long-time customers, our Lavender Shaving Gel and Lavender After Shave bring the protective, soothing and calming benefits of pure lavender essential oil to a shaving experience that will be as nourishing to the skin as it will be fragrant.

Benefits of Shaving with Lavender Essential Oil from Pelindaba Lavender

Lavender Shaving Gel

Using a shaving gel in place of more common shaving foam products is beneficial for a multitude of reasons.  Based on a blend of skin nourishing oils like coconut and olive oils, our Lavender Shaving Gel softens facial hair prior to shaving, making for a smoother shaving experience.  Shaving gel provides a sleek layer between the skin and the razor blade creating a surface with ample glide for the blade.  This helps to lessen nicks and razor burn.

This luxurious layer also assists in the prevention of moisture loss by supplying the skin with the nourishing benefits of aloe vera, shea butter and the natural antiseptic and topical anesthetic benefits of lavender essential oil that are uniquely suited to help instantly manage those nicks that inevitably periodically accompany this everyday act of grooming.

Shaving with Lavender is Natural and Nourishing

Lavender After Shave

Following up a gentle, protective and nourishing shave with a calming, soothing and cooling after shave lotion will help to prevent ingrown hairs and further reduce the possibility of skin irritation, especially for very sensitive skin.  With organic lavender essential oil and aloe vera gel as the first ingredients, our Lavender After Shave is designed to sooth and moisturize freshly shaven skin.

Paired with the benefits of natural witch hazel in place of alcohol and the topical anesthetic effects of lavender essential oil, our after shave will help to arrest any bleeding, alleviate pain and speed the healing process of any cuts from a dull blade or hasty strokes.  The skin will benefit overall from the natural antiseptic quality of lavender essential oil by reducing skin bacteria and keeping pores clean.

The Natural Benefits of Shaving with Lavender Essential Oil from Pelindaba Lavender

Tips for achieving a successful lavender shave:

  • Start with a sharp blade.  A dull blade will not glide as easily across the skin or slice through coarse hairs as well.  Often dull blades will act as an abrasive to skin and snag or incompletely cut facial hairs.  This can produce a great deal of skin irritation as well as nicks and cuts and perpetuate the probability of razor burn and ingrown hairs. 
  • Warm facial hair with a hot, moist washcloth before applying shaving gel.  This will help to open hair follicles to better receive hair softening ingredients. 
  • Wet the skin with warm water and dispense one pump of shaving gel onto finger tips.  Warm the shaving gel by rubbing between hands.  Apply the shaving gel in upward strokes, ensuring it is well distributed across the skin surface.  Allow to sit for 30 seconds to one minute.
  • Shave in slow, gentle strokes with the grain of hair growth.  Passing over the same area as few times as possible.  Rinse with tepid water and pat dry with a soft, clean towel.
  • Shake the bottle of after shave vigorously prior to dispensing.  Putting a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to coat both palms.  Gently press the after shave into the skin, avoiding harsh rubbing.  Your skin will feel refreshed, soothed and gently moisturized. 

The Natural Benefits of Organic lavender Essential Oil for Men's Shaving

For an extra dose of care for your face, apply our Lavender Lip Therapy to the lips and gently dab a touch of our Lavender Treatment Stick to the under eye area.

Even though we have been focusing on facial shaving, many women have found our Lavender Shaving Gel and Lavender After Shave beneficial to their sensitive skin as well.