Monday, January 13, 2020

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

We handcraft so many lavender-based products at the farm it can often be hard to choose our favorites.  Our Lavender Treatment Stick, with its broad topical skin care uses, is certainly one of them.  As one of our continuously top 5 best-sellers, we know it's one of your favorites as well!

Since so many use it regularly to treat cuts, abrasions, burns, headaches, joint aches, sprains, bruises, to moisturize hands and lips on-the-go, etc., we thought you might like to see how we make it.

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Making a batch of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Lavender Treatment Sticks start right at the source with powerfully simple, natural ingredients.  Our own Organic Lavender Essential Oil (that we grow and distill in our own fields and distillery, just steps from the Production Center) is gently blended with jojoba, grape seed, vitamin E and sweet almond oils, along with aloe vera, beeswax and rosemary oil extract.  Rosemary oil extract acts as a natural preservative!

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Once fully blended, these luxurious natural ingredients have the hue of liquid gold.  While still warm the liquid gold is carefully poured into each and every tube - by hand.  We have some incredibly steady hands among our product hand-crafters! 

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks    Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Each tube (several hundred in each run) is given attention and intention (dare we say love!) as it's filled by careful hands.  This is one of the joys of creating small batches by hand.

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Once cooled enough to be moved, the tubes are extracted from their pouring trays and lined up to finish setting like a battalion of therapeutic soldiers ready for inspection.

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

While they have been setting, the lids were labeled and are now slid down each fully cooled tube.

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Technically the Lavender Treatment Sticks are ready for use now, but we value artful presentation at Pelindaba and the finishings are also given careful attention.

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

The identifying labels are aligned by hand...

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

...the product tags are cut and folded by hand...

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

...and the final presentation is tied together (by hand!) and ready to be sent to one of our product galleries or directly to you.

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Behind The Scenes: Making A Batch Of Lavender Treatment Sticks

Once in-hand, the Lavender Treatment Stick really shines. It's so versatile in application and so convenient in use.

We regularly hear of new uses from individuals who love it and try it on anything and everything. Below are some of the uses that we have experienced:
  • Treating cuts, abrasions, stings, bites, burns, mild rashes and skin irritations and the like
  • Soothing headaches joint aches, sprains and bruises
  • On-the-go moisture for hands, lips and anywhere else the skin is feeling a bit dry
Its convenient tube applicator makes it clean and easy to keep in the car, purse, backpack, desk drawer, diaper bag, etc. And, the fact that it looks a little like a giant glue stick makes it fun for little ones to apply on the inevitable "ouchies" that can occur.

Speaking of hearing from others and how they use the Lavender Treatment Stick, we sometimes hear of benefits for which we have no explanation as to how they come about.  Miracle?  Magic?  Just the remarkableness of lavender?  Regardless, we cannot help but be impressed by what we are told.  A report such as this came to our ears last month and we felt we just had to share it (verbatim) with you.

"I wanted to share with you how utterly amazing the Lavender Treatment Stick is for someone with a bad back!  My husband, who doesn't ever subscribe to any holistic healing medicines/ointments, uses this product every day and it works instantaneously!  No back pain at all for up to 24 hours!  He has compressed disks, some arthritis, and some degenerative vertebra issues that become super inflamed if he stands a lot at one time.  With this Treatment Stick, the pain goes away as soon as he applies the product to his lower back.  He has been using it every day since we visited your farm back in early July (2019).  This Treatment Stick is a miracle."  M&B from California

We really do love hearing from you.  Receiving and sharing stories of how the products we handcraft effect daily lives around the country and world is one of the highlights of what we do.  Please share yours in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol

At the lavender farm our gravel driveway kicks up a lot of dust.  Add a little (or a lot of) rainfall and our windows get dirty very quickly.  During the gray of winter we don't notice the grime as readily, but as soon as the low winter sun comes out it's almost impossible to see out for all the dirt!  Our favorite window cleaning agent is (surprise!) lavender!  Specifically, Organic Lavender Hydrosol.  

Organic Lavender Hydrosol is produced during the steam distillation of lavender essential oil.  It contains all the same properties and attributes of lavender essential oil, but in a less concentrated form which makes it highly versatile.  Lavender's natural solvent and non-streaking properties make it the ideal, non-toxic, non-chemical window and glass cleaner.

Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol

What you'll need to clean your windows with lavender!

  • Organic Lavender Hydrosol - the 16 fl oz spray bottle works best for this application.  We do offer larger, re-fill sizes for filling your own spray bottle if you already have one. 
  • Clean microfiber cloths or rags
  • A squeegee
  • A brush or gentle scrubber for stubborn grime
  • A razor for extra-stubborn gunk
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil to remove residue that won't come away with a razor

Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol    Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol

Organic Lavender Hydrosol's solvent power works best when it's allowed to sit.  Thoroughly wet the glass and scrub with rag or gentle scrubber.  If the glass is starting to dry, wet it with a bit more Lavender Hydrosol and let it sit for a couple minutes.

Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol

This is a great time to work on any stubborn spots with a razor or, if you need a big punch of solvent power, Lavender Essential Oil.

With squeegee in hand, firmly wipe the Lavender Hydrosol dissolved dirt and grime from the glass starting from top to bottom.  Between each wipe, run a clean rag along the rubber edge of the squeegee to clean it prior to touching the glass again.

Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol 

As a last step clean the window trim of any dirty drips and buff up any still-damp areas with a clean cloth.

Tip: Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight.  The heat will dry the Lavender Hydrosol too quickly and the direct light will show every single, tiny speck.  It's much easier to clean windows on an overcast day or when the sun is shining elsewhere for the time being.
Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol

And, that's it.  Easy peasy and no harsh chemicals or foul smells involved!  Enjoy your streak-free, sparkling windows!

Do you have any other surfaces that need attention?  Organic Lavender Hydrosol works beautifully on mirrors, eye glasses, windshields and is safe to use directly on screens of all kind - TV, computers, laptops, phones, tablets, watches, etc.

Lavender Hydrosol has many other uses as well - from all-natural cloth diapering and safe baby skin care to cleaning fine jewelry.  Lavender is an every-day-amazing plant!

Non-Toxic Window Cleaning with Lavender Hydrosol

Monday, December 16, 2019

Gluten-Free (Dairy-Free) Lavender Cut Out Cookie Recipe

For those who avoid gluten, this tasty, simple, gluten-free recipe with a dash of lavender will make a special treat in a sea of can't-haves! It can easily be made with a dairy-free butter as well, for the vegans and lactose-troubled in your circles. The addition of lavender adds a unique festive flavor to traditional holiday cut-out cookie recipes to pleasantly surprise the palate.

Even for those who can enjoy this wheat protein, we have found this flavorful recipe to be easy to roll and cut. It also holds its shape well for decorating and has a delightful crunch on the outside with soft texture inside. Gluten-free recipes can be tricky, so we've included some tips that we found aided a successful bake.

Don't have gluten-free flour on-hand? It works just as well with conventional all-purpose white flour, too. Simply swap equal parts flour and omit the xantham gum.

Gluten-Free (Dairy-Free) Lavender Cut Out Cookie Recipe

Gluten-Free Lavender Cut Out Cookies Recipe

Makes approximately 24 cookies.


  • 1.5 sticks (175g) butter or dairy-free butter
  • 1 cup (200g) sugar
  • 2 large eggs or egg replacer equivalent 
  • 3.5 cups (450g) gluten-free flour
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum - omit if included in your flour blend
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • 2 1/2 tsp (or to taste) ground Organic Culinary Lavender

Lavender Gluten-Free Cut Out Cookie Recipe


  1. Cream together butter or dairy-free butter and sugar.
  2. Add eggs (or egg alternative), vanilla and almond extracts and mix until thoroughly combined.
  3. Combine dry ingredients and lavender in a separate bowl.
  4. Add the dry ingredients to the sugar and egg mixture and mix well to combine.
  5. Wrap the dough in parchment paper and allow it to cool in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  6. When the dough has cooled, preheat oven to 350F.
  7. Roll out dough between two sheets of parchment paper to a 1/4 inch thickness.
  8. Cut out desired shapes and transfer to a parchment lined backing sheet.
  9. Bake for 12-14 minutes.*
  10. Allow to cool slightly on the backing sheet before transferring to a cooling rack.
  11. Once cool, decorate as desired.
Gluten-Free Holiday Cut Out Cookie Recipe with Lavender 

Cooled cookies can be decorated however you fancy! We used a flour sifter to dust powdered sugar on our tree shaped cut out cookies, which reminded us of fresh snow in the forest. 
Gluten-Free Lavender Christmas Cookie Recipe

For a simple, rustic look you might leave the cookies bare or top them with icing or an adornment of sprinkles.

For a fun nod to the flavor, spread our Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce on the cookies and sprinkle with culinary lavender.

Gluten-Free Lavender Christmas Cookie Recipe


  • Refrigerate the dough for at least 30 minutes to allow it to firm up and be easier to handle.
  • This recipe can be made dairy-free easily by substituting butter for a vegan alternative.  We used Earth Balance Vegan Butter.  Your choice of egg alternative can also be used. 
  • Be sure your gluten-free flour contains xanthan gum.  We used Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free 1-To-1 Baking Flour, which does include xanthan gum.  If your gluten-free flour does not, the amount of xanthan gum to add is included in the recipe.
  • Avoid flouring your work surface as this will effect the correct flour ratio in the recipe.  Parchment paper works great for rolling out the dough.
  • Flours can vary in weight.  It's best to weigh your ingredients with a kitchen scale to ensure the proportions are accurate.  Both weight and cup measures are included in the recipe.
  • This recipe is not overly sweet.  If you prefer your cookies on the sweeter side, increase the sugar to taste.
  • If you decide to use all purpose white flour for this recipe instead, we recommend dropping the cooking time down by half and making the cookies slightly thicker, about 1/3" instead. 


Tips for baking with Lavender:

  • Use a mortar and pestle to grind the Organic Culinary Lavender before adding to the recipe.  Crushing the buds brings out the flavor more fully, rather than chopping or leaving whole.
  • Gluten-free flours can introduce a nutty or earthy flavor to a recipe, which compliments lavender well.  For a more lavender-forward flavor, increase the amount of Organic Culinary Lavender in this recipe by half.

One need not be gluten free to appreciate this classic holiday favorite. Share with everyone on your  list and don't forget to share with us in the comments below or on Instagram and Facebook! We love to see the culinary creativity of the "lavender adventurous."

Turn on the holiday tunes -- we're listening to holiday music from around the world in our kitchen! -- heat up the oven and bake to your holiday heart's content!

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Lavender Christmas Cookie Recipe

Recipe inspiration from

Monday, December 2, 2019

Non-Toxic Protection for Handmade Woolen Gifts: Lavender Essential Oil!

At Pelindaba we are big fans of everything handcrafted, homemade, homegrown...and the like.  We do everything (from plant cultivation to product manufacture) by hand at our farm.  Handmade gifts for the holidays, like knitted hats, mittens and scarves, are right up our alley!

Crafting a knitted gift for someone by hand is a gift indeed!  It takes time (often hours upon hours), effort, skill and affection to create something that will keep a loved one warm during the winter months. 

After winter's use, what happens during the warmer seasons of the year when your lovingly knitted gift is not needed?  Heaven forbid moths find it! 

Lavender Essential Oil is a powerful moth and insect repellant!


Non-Toxic Protection for Handmade Woolen Gifts

Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most versatile essential oils found in nature.  In addition to being a natural insect repellant, lavender essential oil is also a topical analgesic and antiseptic, it's an effective solvent (one of the very first solvents used in the early days of photography - those must have been some sweet-smelling photos!) and, not to mention, it's a wonderful fragrance!

Lavender has a long history of effective insect repelling.  During the periodic plagues that ravaged Europe through the Middle Ages, lavender posies or sachets were worn to mask the scent of death, but the unexpected benefit was that it repelled the fleas that carried the disease!  Lavender, along with other sweet herbs, was also strewn about floors to fragrance the air and keep lice and other insects at bay in domestic settings.  

Fast forward to today, and you'll find lavender is an effective and natural bug repellant for skin application, flea and tick repellant for dogs and cats, and moth repellant for protecting sweaters, winter knits and the wool stashes of knitters and crocheters. 

Lavender Essential Oil Non-Toxic Protection for Handmade Woolen Gifts 

Safe to apply directly to woolens, a few drops is all that is needed periodically for continued and fragrant protection against moths.  

As a natural deterrent, lavender is much better for you, your curious pets and little ones, the environment and your woolens than pesticide-laced mothballs or moth crystals.  It's impossible to get that chemical smell out of knits!

It's best to clean woolens before storage.  Lavender Essential Oil is non-toxic.  It will not kill moth eggs or larvae, so be sure sweaters, hats, coats, etc., are clean and well brushed before storing them with lavender.

Another method of bringing lavender to your woolens is with dried lavender sachets.  A few sachets hung in closets or tucked in drawers will also work well.  The lavender bud, provided it has been harvested late in the season like ours have, will be heavy with fragrance.  Gently squeezing the sachet will break open the buds and release the essential oil. 

Non-Toxic Lavender Protection for Handmade Woolen Gifts

Lavender essential oil is most effective when you can smell it.  As you sense the fragrance dissipating, add a couple more drops of essential oil or give your sachets a couple more squeezes to refresh the scent.  Sachets can last up to a couple of years with periodic squeezing.  Eventually all the essential oil will be released, after which they can be replaced or refreshed by adding a few drops of pure essential oil to the dried lavender.

If you are gifting any handmade knits this holiday season, be sure to include a little bottle of Organic Lavender Essential Oil or a few Organic Lavender Sachets to help the recipient care for the gift you created for them with love for many winters to come.

An excellent gift for friends or family members who are avid knitters, crocheters, spinners or weavers is a larger bottle of Organic Lavender Essential Oil to protect their precious wool collections throughout the year.

Gift Idea - Non-Toxic Lavender Protection for Handmade Woolen Gifts

Even if you aren't the DIY type, you can still gift handmade this year.  We have handcrafted gift ideas for everyone on your list!  Just pick out the perfect gift and we'll send it directly from the farm to the recipient with Free Standard Shipping in the US and a complimentary handwritten (of course!) gift note.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Dressing the Thanksgiving Table

While you are planning your Thanksgiving menu and considering how to dress your turkey, stuffed acorn squash or vegetarian roast, don't forget about dressing your table.  Creating a cozy, festive and fall-feeling tablescape for an intimate party of two to a grand gathering is easy to do with a few props and natural materials.

We asked a couple of our Pelindaba artisans to create a Thanksgiving table decor theme in a variety of gathering "sizes".  Here's what they come up with to inspire your feasting tables.

Create Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor


How to Dress the Thanksgiving Table

What you'll need:

  • Something to set the tone - We used a pumpkin colored woven mat to provide a warm, central focused foundation on our wooden table, as well as pumpkins and pine cones.
  • Something to create height - We used variety of differently sized rough-cut tree rounds with the bark still attached to lend a woodsy feel to the look.
  • Something to contain floral arrangements - We used a set of antique measuring cups, a wicker cornucopia and an apple basket.
  • Something to create floral arrangements - We used branches, seed pods, dried wheat, colorful shrubs, a bit of dark greenery and lavender (surprise!).
  • Something to feast upon - We used the fall-colored red and marigold dishes from our farm kitchen.
Consider these materials as inspiration to fuel your personal creativity.

Option 1 - Thanksgiving For Two

An intimate meal for two calls for a tablescape that is low allowing for lively, eye-to-eye conversation.  A few small arrangements in small containers placed on various low platforms creates a dynamic, organic look to support the beautiful meal to be shared.

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Decor

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Decoration with Lavender  Thanksgiving Table Dressing with Lavender

Thanksgiving Table Decoration with Natural Materials

Option 2 - A Cozy Table for Four

A cornucopia, with its symbolism of plentiful bounty, makes a perfect center piece for a larger tablescape.  Here we've filled it to bursting with fall florals supported by varying sizes of tree rounds.  As a variant, fill a cornucopia with small pumpkins and gourds of varying white, golden and dark green colors so that they overflow and spill onto the table.

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements  How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

Option 3 - For Something Grander...

A larger tablescape can accommodate a strong focal point.  Here the center of the table is anchored with a vertical arrangement bursting with fall color and texture.  To create this autumn arrangement, check out this step-by-step tutorial.  We've also surrounded the centerpiece with large pumpkins, accented with large pine cones and small clusters of smaller cones.

How to Set Thanksgiving Tables with Pumpkins

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration  Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration

You can also bring touches of lavender to the table by tying 4-5 stalks of dried lavender together with a bit of twine or orange and red raffia for each place setting or incorporate lavender into a few of your festive recipes.

One of our favorites for gatherings at the farm are Lavender Berry Canapes.  This tasty recipe is a breeze to whip up to tide guests over until the main event.  Using any type of savory cracker, spread the top with Brie and add a dollop of Lavender Berry Chutney.  Done!

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Friendly Faces of Pelindaba Lavender - and Their Favorite Products

Tucked up in the very upper left corner of Washington State on our San Juan Island farm, we do lavender.  We grow lavender, lots of lavender.  We also harvest it, dry it and distill its wonderful essential oil - which we use as the foundation for the various products we make on site.

But you don't have to trek to our farm to get The Complete Lavender Experience®.  Each of our products are shipped out directly from the farm to our Product Galleries across the country.  In each of these locations, your senses are immersed in lavender - the smell, the look, the taste, the feel, the sound...

Come with us on a journey from coast to coast to meet some of the Pelindaba family you'll encounter at our Product Galleries and discover their favorite handcrafted Pelindaba Lavender products!

Pelindaba Lavender Friday Harbor


This Product Gallery is located in the town on San Juan Island - and only a short 10 minute drive from the farm.  Andrea (who also creates Pelindaba's exquisite lavender glass bead jewelry!) manages this location.  Her favorite product is our Lavender Therapeutic Salve.

"My family uses it as the go-to for healing any skin issue, as well as minor injuries.  It also promotes relaxation as part of my daily bedtime routine as a softening moisturizer for my face and feet."

Pelindaba Lavender Orcas Island


Orcas Island is another part of the San Juan Archipelago.  Only a couple of miles separates it from San Juan Island.  The Product Gallery located on this sister-island is managed by Sonia, whose favorite Pelindaba product is the Lavender Treatment Stick.

"It is a 'multi-tool kit' in one easy-to-use package.  I take it with me everywhere.  Since I have it with me most of the time, I use it (and share it with others) for insect bites or stings, headaches, dry skin, etc!"

Pelindaba Lavender La Conner


Odile manages the Pelindaba Lavender Product Gallery in the charming town of La Conner in western Washington.  Odile's favorite product is our Organic Lavender Hydrosol.

"I love all of our handcrafted lavender products, but my very favorite is the Organic Lavender Hydrosol.  It has so many practical uses.  It's a staple in my everyday life."

Pelindaba Lavender Bainbridge Island


Another Washington State island, just a short ferry ride from Seattle, is home to another Product Gallery, managed by Amy.

"Lavender Hand Sanitizer is a favorite Pelindaba product of mine.  It smells fantastic and, more importantly, sanitizes and freshens hands when washing isn't available.  I keep a small bottle in my purse for on-the-go cleansing needs - very useful to sanitize shopping cart handles.  Everyone always asks to try some!"

Pelindaba Lavender Edmonds


Lisa hosts the Product Gallery located in the heart of the quaint seaside town of Edmonds, WA - just 15 minutes north of Seattle.  Lisa's favorite product is our Lavender Body Butter.

"It called out to me years ago when I visited Pelindaba Lavender for the first time.  The packaging was like a small treasure and gleamed from the store shelves beckoning me to try it.  Since that day I tell all our customers about it.  It's a dream come true for my dry skin!"

Pelindaba Lavender Ashland


Julie (and the adorable Juneau!) are the hosts at the Ashland, Oregon Product Gallery.  Julie's favorite Pelindaba product is our Lavender Treatment Stick.

"It's the most versatile and convenient way for me to carry our luscious essential oil and a moisturizer in 'one' everyday.  I have traveled the world with mine.  Any abrasion, irritation, bug bite or spot where I need moisture or healing, I know our Lavender Treatment Stick will handle it.  It should be called the Lavender Wonder Stick!"

Pelindaba Lavender Manitou Springs


Scott leads this Product Gallery nestled in the beautiful mountains outside of Colorado Springs.  Our Organic Lavender Essential Oil is Scott's favorite product.  

"We diffuse our soothing Organic Lavender Essential Oil every night to help us and our dog relax and sleep more soundly."

Pelindaba Lavender Savannah


The beautiful and hospitable city of Savannah is home to the Product Gallery hosted by Chris.  Her favorite Pelindaba product is the Lavender Body Butter.

"Our Lavender Body Butter offers me such a calming fragrance while soothing my skin.  It's 'relaxation' calling my name in a pretty gold jar.  It keeps me from needing that last glass of wine!  Everyone on my holiday gift list is getting one."

Pelindaba Lavender Amelia Island


Our sister-island on the East Coast is home to one of our Florida Product Galleries.  Pam leads the "lavender charge" here.

"Picking one favorite Pelindaba Lavender product is a difficult task.  If I had to choose just one, it's Lavender Linen Water.  I use it every single evening.  Just a couple of spritzes on my pillow and I sleep like a baby."

Pelindaba Lavender St. Augustine


Luckily for Pam, she gets to pick another favorite as she splits her time between Pelindaba Lavender Amelia Island and Pelindaba Lavender St. Augustine, just 45 minutes south along the Florida coast.  Pam's other favorite is our Lavender Essential Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

"Technically they are two products, but they are my go-to hair care set.  I love the way it makes my hair smell and feel.  It can be used every day without drying hair out, is great for all hair types and safe for colored hair."

These are all great places to sample our handcrafted lavender products and discover all the attributes of this wondrous plant with our enthusiastic staff.

Lavender's many natural properties are the foundation for all the luxurious and practical products we make at the farm - products for everyday needs of the body, the home, the kitchen, pets and more.

Come visit us at one of our Product Galleries to discover more of our Pelindaba family's favorite uses for lavender, and indulge all your senses in The Complete Lavender Experience®!