Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Views of the Lavender Farm Before the Bloom

When most of us think of a lavender farm we think of rows upon rows of purple flowers gently swaying in the breeze while honey bees buzz about from blossom to blossom.  This is exactly what Pelindaba Lavender Farm looks like in July and August when the 25,000 plants we cultivate are resplendent in millions of purple flowers.  Just before the fields blossom, however, there is a moment of beauty that is often overlooked in anticipation of the annual blooming and subsequent harvest.

View from the Visitor Center at Pelindaba Lavender Farm


Views of the Lavender Farm Before the Bloom

That moment is now. The fields are bright, emerald green with new growth. The surrounding pathways, lawns and neighboring fields are the same shade of vital green. Even the trees and hedgerows along Wold Road and Hawthorne Lane are vibrant green. The old wisteria vine that embraces the porch of our Gatehouse Farm Store (also an old farmhouse original to Friday Harbor and moved out to the Farm many years ago) provides even more green and a taste of the purple to come with its own purple blossoms.
View from the Visitor Center at Pelindaba Lavender

You'll also notice a couple plants at the foot of the porch steps that are in bloom. This species (Pedunculata) is the longest blooming species we have at the Farm. It often begins blooming in March and will continue through November with proper deadheading.

View to the Lavender Demonstration Garden at Pelindaba Lavender

It's a truly beautiful and fleeting sight to see the Farm turned out in all green.  If you are visiting San Juan Island in Spring and early Summer we would recommend a visit.  If you are unable to visit the Farm in person, you can always watch the fields turn from green to purple via our live Farm Web Cam!

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