Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Lavender Wedding


Have you ever wanted to get married in the middle of 25,000 lavender plants?


Imagine being surrounded by fields and fields of vibrant purple flowers in sweeping rows extending
to expansive pastoral, lake and wooded vistas... sunshine warms gentle breezes enveloping you with soft, sweet fragrance... can you imagine your photos taken in such a picturesque locale? Beautiful!

lavender wedding at Pelindaba Lavender Farm
If you or someone you know finds this notion attractive (as obviously we do), we would be pleased to welcome your party to the Farm and help you create a unique, memorable and stress-free event.

In the language of flowers lavender means "devotion". What a perfect sentiment with which to infuse your wedding. There are many ways to creatively weave the wonderful sensory aspects of lavender throughout the event. Just a few ideas...

- use fresh or dried lavender in floral arrangements, bouquets...
- toss dried lavender buds instead of rice
- tie a small sprig of lavender to each napkin or place card
- many of our specialty, handcrafted lavender products are perfect for favors and wedding party gifts
- while the wedding party is taking photos or during a cocktail hour, you might serve Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Cookies
- as an activity, guests might cut their own bouquets of fresh lavender in our Cutting Field during the reception

If all this sounds appealing, let us assist you in creating a beautiful event at our Farm. June - August are the best months to be surrounded by fields of blooming lavender....breath deeply!

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