Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lavender Lamb Shish Kabobs Recipe


How to make Lavender Lamb Shish Kabobs

During the cold, rainy days of January it is very easy to long for summer and fields of blooming lavender. Eventhough summer is still many months away we can take a few moments now to join local chef, Anna Maria de Freitas as she makes some delicious Lavender Lamb Shish Kabobs right out in the middle of our purple fields. 

Lavender Lamb Shish Kabob Recipe

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Even if you don't have a BBQ set up in the middle of blooming lavender fields, you can make these amazing Lavender Lamb Shish Kabobs at home tonight using your own grill or even in the oven.

Organic Culinary Lavender from Pelindaba Lavender FarmYou'll need our Organic Culinary Lavender. Grown exclusively in our organically certified fields, our Organic Culinary Lavender comes from the first of the flowers to be harvested each summer.

For cooking it's important to use culinary lavender that has relatively low levels of essential oil. Lavender essential oil, although it’s fragrance is wonderful, can be paradoxically bitter to the taste when used in excess.  When used in small amounts, it lends a delightfully delicate yet distinctive flavor to a wide variety of food and beverages.  Too much and the bitterness can drown everything else out.

The lavender we use in all our culinary products and recipes comes from "our culinary harvest" which is harvested early in the summer when the first blossoms begin to appear and the build-up of essential oil in the buds is still in its early stages.

Lavender harvested later in the season will contain more essential oil than is desirable for cooking, and lead to a less enjoyable culinary experience.  Used properly, however, it can work extraordinarily well — interestingly on both the savory and sweet sides of the palate.

So, if you have a lavender plant at home be sure to harvest for cooking early in the season when just a couple of the buds have bloomed. If you want to make sachets or other fragrant crafts, wait to harvest until the end of the summer when all the buds have flowered.

Organic Lavender Sticks from Pelindaba Lavender Farm

To make these tasty kabobs just like Chef Anna Maria does you will also need our Lavender Grill Sticks!

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