Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cleaning with Lavender

Natural Refrigerator Cleaning Tips With Lavender


There's no way around it.  Cleaning is simply one of life's requirements.  While most of us probably wouldn't choose to spend our leisure time cleaning, there are ways to make even the most onerous tasks a little more enjoyable.  One of the simplest ways is to avoid smelly, chemical-filled cleaning products.  That's just what Ann, one of our long-time staff members, did when she recently took on her least favorite of household chores - cleaning the refrigerator!

natural cleaning with lavender

Here's what Ann had to say about mucking out the fridge...  "It felt really good to use all-natural cleaning products that are non-toxic around the food my family eats.  To clean up the really grimy bits I shook Lavender Household Cleanser onto the area and then moistened it with a couple spritzes of Organic Lavender Hydrosol which turned it into a highly effective abrasive cleansing scrub.  The glass shelves were finished off in the sink with Lavender Liquid Soap on a sponge and then the Organic Lavender Hydrosol for a no-streak finish.

natural cleaning with lavendernatural cleaning with lavender

"The whole process smelled wonderful! In fact, the baking soda and Organic Lavender Essential Oil in the Lavender Household Cleanser deodorized the fridge so well that I decided to leave the sleek, stainless steel shaker in the refrigerator to freshen things up instead of the standard ugly orange box of baking soda.

natural cleaning with lavender

"While I wouldn't say that I love to clean out the refrigerator now, I would say that when it is combined with natural products that provide aromatherapy it can be quite enjoyable. You should try it!"

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