Thursday, April 30, 2015

Use Lavender to Keep Your Yarn Moth-Free


Use Lavender to Keep Your Yarn Moth-Free

Moths are devastating when they get into a wool yarn collection. Mothballs have been a common means of killing moths in the 20th century. However, recently this odorous, chemical filled method has been giving way to safer, natural moth deterrents. Lavender is one of these safer, natural deterrents. Lavender’s naturally occurring insect repelling properties have a long history of use and are particularly effective against moths.

Lavender is an easy to use, chemical-free moth deterrent that is entirely safe to use around small children and pets. These attributes, not to mention it’s wonderful fragrance, make it an ideal method of deterring moths from your yarn collection.     

The simplest application of lavender to deter moths is to add several Organic Lavender Sachets to your yarn collection. Periodically squeeze the lavender sachets to release more lavender essential oil from the dried buds to continue to help keep moths at bay. You can also add a few drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil to the sachets to increase their effectiveness. Doing so can also help extend the life of the sachets.

Use Lavender to keep moths out of wool

San Juan Island sees many knitting visitors who come for islander Cat Bordhi’s Island Knitting Retreats. We often hear rave reviews from knitters about the effectiveness of lavender against moths and how wonderful it is to knit with yarn scented with lavender. It's soothing, relaxing aromatherapy properties surely help calm the periodic frustration of a dropped stitch or two!

For the knitter a visit to Friday Harbor should include our local yarn shop - Island Wools offering a wide selection of local wool courtesy of island sheep and beautifully hand spun and hand painted yarns made by local spinners. Look for their newest color which includes shades of lavender and purple called "Pelindaba Lavender"! (Located next to our Friday Harbor store)

Lavender Products to keep moths out of your wool:
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Organic Lavender Sachets

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