Thursday, December 20, 2018

Cozy Up This Winter With A Lavender Coffee

Winter has descended at the farm.  Brief, cold days are quickly overtaken by long, long, cold nights. It is quiet and peaceful out in the silent fields.  Inside our production center, however, it's cozy and warm and always a hustling and bustling of activity. 

The key ingredient to this cozy and warm environment is our Lavender Gourmet Coffee.  It's warm in the hand and helps get everyone going in the dark early mornings.

Lavender Coffee made with our organic lavender from Pelindaba Lavender Farm

For dark, chill mornings or afternoon pick ups as the sun is setting, our Lavender Gourmet Coffee is indispensable.  Each sip, with its exotic and truly distinctive flavors and aromas, will transport you from the depths of winter to our blooming lavender fields in summer.

Brazilian Beija Flor coffee beans are medium roasted and ground here on San Juan Island by local roaster San Juan Coffee, then blended with our own organically certified culinary "Provence" lavender buds.  The wonderful marriage of strong, full-bodied flavor and delicate, slightly sweet floral tones is a unique treat for the adventurous palate.

The Brazilian Beija Flor coffee beans are shade grown on small family farms, without the use of harmful pesticides.  Our lavender is also grown on a small family* farm, although in the full sunshine, without the use of harmful pesticides.

*While not a biological family, Pelindaba is made up of close knit, dedicated people who are family in every other sense of the word.

Lavender Coffee made with our organic lavender from Pelindaba Lavender Farm

From our family and farm to you, enjoy a hot cup of Lavender Gourmet Coffee this winter.

If you like your coffee sweet, try stirring in a generous teaspoon of our Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce.  Lavender and chocolate and coffee – a to-die-for combination!

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  1. Do you offer a whole-bean coffee or only ground?