Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Easy Tutorial for Unique Gift Wrapping (with lavender!)

Are you a little bored with the traditional holiday wrapping papers and bows?  Let's mix it up this season with a natural palette of colors and textures inspired by the farm.  

Tips for wrapping all your lavender gifts this holiday season

Out in our lavender fields, the plants are beginning to transition to their annual season of rest when they go dormant.  Muted grays and light browns are visible in the architectural form of the pruned plants and in the surrounding bare trees that have shed their summer leaves.  Stones and rocks around the grounds are black with recent rainfall and the towering fir trees that border the farm provide a backdrop of deep, vibrant greens in contrast to the cool gray skies.

Into this rustic environment we'll add moments of warm gold and purple to bring an elegant contrast to our natural palette straight from the farm.

Tips for wrapping all your lavender gifts this holiday season

 Gift Wrapping with Lavender

Gathering a range of materials to create this rustic, elegant look for your holiday wrapping is easy.  First, pillage your own at-home stashes of crafting supplies or reusable materials.  Your local craft store is a great place to augment your supplies as well.  Here's a list of ideas to get you started...

For the wrappings...
  • kraft paper in creams and tans
  • muslin draw string bags
  • tissue paper in creams, golds and blacks (add a little dark purple for a visually exciting contrast)
  • paper bags in kraft and black
  • plain boxes in creams and blacks

For the ribbonings...
  • yarn in creams and tans
  • twine in neutrals and blacks
  • leather cording in tans and blacks
  • wide satin ribbons in blacks, golds and deep purples
  • slender tinsel cording or ribbon in golds, blacks and deep purples
  • tassels, pom poms or other non-bow toppers

For the finishing touches...
  • dried lavender
  • greens (fir, pine, rosemary, eucalyptus, holly...let your creativity run wild!)
  • gift tags (you can make these out of any heavy paper, a hole punch and some twine or slender ribbon)

Tips for wrapping all your lavender gifts this holiday season

Now mix and match the colors and textures of your wrappings and ribbonings to create contrasting looks for each package.  Black ribbon or twine on a light kraft colored box... Wide purple ribbon on a cream box... Cream yarn on a black box... The options are endless!

Playing with proportion and volume using ribbons can yield some wonderful looks as well.  Try wrapping a box many times with a slender ribbon, twine or yarn.  Secure it with a small knot and then fan the ribbon out on the sides of the box.  Or, using a very wide ribbon, make a simple knot with long tails on a large box.  Try doubling or tripling yarn or twine to both wrap the box and create a loose bow.  Small tight bows can be fun for small packages and big floppy bows for large packages.

For a simple finishing and to bring a touch of the organic, add a sprig of greens and/or several stalks of dried lavender under the bow or knot along with your gift tag.

As an alternative to gift tags, write your "to" and "from" on the package itself with black or deep purple pen.

Tips for wrapping all your lavender gifts this holiday season

There are no rules for how to assemble your natural, farm inspired palette of wrappings, ribbonings and finishings.  Have fun with your creativity.  If you like it, it's perfect!

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