Monday, August 31, 2020

Lavender Chamomile Tea - A Calming Bedtime Ritual To Aid Sleep

Many of us have well established morning rituals that we have practiced countless times before to welcome the new day.  Whether these rituals are brief or complex, quick or lengthy, they are deeply personal and requisite for feeling ready for whatever lies ahead in the new day.

Evening routines, on the other hand, are much less common.  How many of us have a ritual we perform at the close of the day to prepare us for a restful night?  Good nightly sleep is vital to overall health and to productive days.  Should we not, therefore, take as much care with the beginning of our nights as we do with the beginning of our days?

Since most morning rituals include a warm beverage, we will need one for our evening routine.  Being naturally caffeine-free, our Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea is an ideal companion for the evening.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea made with our organic lavender for bedtime

The flowery combination of the finest organic Egyptian chamomile flowers grown in the Nile Delta and our own organically grown “Provence” culinary lavender will help you relax and unwind.  The aromatic and flavorful chamomile is naturally caffeine-free and is an excellent calming and soothing herbal tea.  The similar properties of lavender make this unique herbal tea blend — relaxing and comforting.

Its calming effect will also help reduce stress and anxiety, making it one of the best teas to enjoy when settling down for a good night’s sleep.  This aromatic and relaxing caffeine-free tea brews to a light golden color and has a natural floral sweetness.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea made with our organic lavender for bedtime

A Calming Evening Ritual

Best performed near bedtime to aid sleep.


Step 1 : Turn off the screen

All of them!  That means the TV, computer, tablet, phone, etc.  This is a time to pause the constant stream of content we encounter in our modern lives.  This is a time to slow the pace at which we are moving, thinking and processing and begin to prepare for the quiet pace the body and mind need for the night.


Step 2: Lower the lights

Reducing the lighting at home in the evenings will help queue your internal clock that it's time to prepare for sleep.  Following its circadian rhythm, the body can respond to bright light in the same way it does to the rising sun – it's time to get up (or stay up in this case)!


Step 3: Brew a cup of Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea

  • Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil.
  • Use one teaspoon of whole leaf Organic Lavender Chamomile Tea for each cup desired.
  • Pour boiling water over tea and let it steep for 3-6 minutes according to taste.
  • Remove tea and enjoy.


Step 4: Spend the next 30 minutes slowly

Curl up with a blanket and spend some time reading a favorite book.  Or, perhaps, gather loved ones on the couch and talk about the day that has past and the day that is approaching.  A lavender bath might be up your alley.  Or, bundle up and watch the stars with your hot tea in hand.  Whatever you do, let it be something that slows the evening and promotes a sense of calm.

Herbal Caffeine-Free Tea made with our organic lavender for bedtime

Step 5: Smell the lavender

Just before retiring, apply a couple drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil just under the nose.  Lavender essential oil's natural sedative properties will help you quickly drift off to sleep.  We like to keep a roll-on bottle of lavender essential oil on the night stand to reapply should we be awakened during the night.

To sleeping well!

Are you a little unsure about a Lavender Chamomile Tea? Here's what others say:

Carrie from Texas
"So relaxing for my evening cup of tea! My sister loves the tea so much too!!! I gave her some tins as a gift and she is hooked!"

Autumn from Washington
"This tea is a delicious healthy beverage that I love to drink before bed. I use one teaspoon for a pot of tea and steep it for 30 minutes. Its soothing taste and aroma helps me relax after a long day."

NG from Florida
"Sleepy time, here I come! Mild taste."

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