Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

According to a report published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, “tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water.”  Green tea, in particular, serves as a daily staple with many communities around the globe.

The Benefits of Lavender Green Tea


A Brief Background on Green Tea


Lauded for over 100 years for its multi-fold health benefits, green tea is much more than just a delightful beverage.  It has for centuries been the essential daily elixir in Japanese culture.  On the Island of Okinawa, Japan, green tea is consumed with most every meal.  One might correlate this ubiquitous tea consumption to the fact that the residents of Okinawa enjoy one of the longest and healthiest life spans of any community in the world.

There are numerous varietals of green tea, which is cultivated from a small evergreen shrub or tree.  The scientific Latin name of the plant from which green tea is harvested is Camellia Sinensis.

Most commercial green teas we are familiar with today are made of leaves from one variety of Camelilla Sinensis or another.  The exact origin of green tea is unknown, but most scholars believe it was likely China since much of it is sourced from that country.

The Overwhelming Benefits of Green Tea


You may enjoy green tea because it contains a modest amount of caffeine, which helps provide energy throughout the day without shocking the system.  You are also (maybe, unknowingly) enjoying its abundant other beneficial attributes.

Green tea leaves are not fermented, therefore allowing the highest concentration of antioxidants to be preserved.  Green tea retains about 30 percent flavonoid antioxidants, polyphenols (which can also be found in blueberries, dark chocolate and red wine) and catechins called EGCG.  These powerful compounds assist the body in neutralizing free radicals that cause aging and the eventual decline of cellular health.

In 2008, the Mayo Clinic released their findings on the benefits of green tea consumption which include: aiding in the prevention of memory loss, reducing the risk of heart disease, helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reducing inflammation from arthritis, as well as improvement in bone density.

Just a handful of additional known benefits attributed to the consumption of green tea include boosting metabolism and helping the prevention of eye disease and strokes.

While certainly delicious, there are also numerous attributes for green tea beyond consumption alone.

About Pelindaba's Lavender Green Tea


Organic Lavender Green Tea handmade by Pelindaba Lavender

Pelindaba Lavender’s Organic Lavender Green Tea is a distinctive combination of our Organic Culinary Provence Lavender blended with the Lucky Dragon varietal of green tea leaves.   Featuring a pleasantly piquant aroma and taste, our Organic Lavender Green Tea is an enduring favorite among tea aficionados.

Served just as it is or with our Organic Lavender Gourmet Honey, enjoy a cup while curled up with a good read for a warming long winter’s eve libation.  Add to any smoothie in place of milk or juice for a healthful boost.  It is particularly delightful as an accompaniment to flavors such as ginger, vanilla, tropical fruits, peach, strawberry, mint and even chocolate!

During this winter season fraught with all manner of colds, flus, and viruses, why not try adding this wonderfully healthy and refreshing beverage to your daily intake?


  1. Love the Lavender Green Tea. It is one of my favorite and I drive from Bremerton to get it. That way I get to see all the other great lavender products you have.
    Mariwyn Tinsley

    1. Thank you Mariwyn. We are pleased you enjoy our Organic Lavender Green Tea!