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A Calming Lavender Bedtime Routine for Baby

In their first months, our sweet children fill our hearts with such joy, wonder, and love - and likely a little sleep deprivation. 

If you're in this precious life season and battling for some nighttime zzz's, we're so happy to share this tried-and-true baby bedtime routine to help calm and soothe your baby (so hopefully you can enjoy some of that coveted sweet slumber, too). 

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How to Soothe a Sleep Resistant Baby with Lavender


Taking care of a newborn is demanding, so add on as many of the below ideas as you can manage.  If you're ready for everything, go ahead and dive in to compound the benefits of all of these suggestions together! 

Gently Massage Baby with a Safe Body Oil


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Fans of baby massaging claim that the benefits are multi-fold: calming an irritable baby, aiding relaxation, priming for sleep, easing a gassy tummy, parent-child bonding, soothing the discomfort of teething and even boosting muscle, immune system and gross motor skill development. 

Working a short massage into baby's daily bedtime routine can aid relaxation for both baby and parents.  When choosing an oil, we recommend using one that is edible and absorbs more quickly into the skin than a traditional massage oil, like olive oil or coconut oil.  It's important that it is safe for little hands that are likely to end up in little mouths later.  Our Lavender Body Oil is another great choice, plus, the fragrant organic lavender essential oil in it is well-regarded as a relaxation and sleep aid.

Lavender Body Oil for baby massage from Pelindaba Lavender

Not sure how to give a massage to your infant? Here's a great step-by-step tutorial for a simple full-body baby massage.

Treat Baby to a Warm, Silky Milk Bath


Lavender Baby Bath Products from Pelindaba Lavender 

Most babies enjoy bath time and it's a great step to add to bedtime routines to prepare and transition baby to sleep. Lavender is a perfect scent to incorporate into a pre-bedtime bath to augment the familial environment's calming effect on baby.  

Our Lavender Silky Milk Bath's fragrant aromatherapy treatment promotes relaxation and calm - great for making baby ready for bedtime.  Plus, its nourishing properties will rejuvenate and soften the skin, which may inspire some more frequent co-bathing sessions!

A Calming Lavender Bedtime Routine for BabyA Calming Lavender Bedtime Routine for Baby

Simply add as much or as little of the milk bath as you desire directly into running water. 

Create a Lavender-Scented Sleeping Haven 


A Calming Lavender Bedtime Routine for Baby

Incorporating lavender to the nursery is an easy way to help lull baby to sleep - bonus for moms and dads who may be sharing a room and hungry for some shut-eye of their own!

If you co-sleep, a little Lavender Linen Water spritzed on your sheets will be a welcome treat for you, too.  It's safe for baby and won't stain your linens.  Traveling?  Douse your nursing cover or spritz on your blouse to help baby relax on the flight.  When your child is old enough to sleep with them, you can also spray some lavender linen water on their pillow or a stuffed animal or blanket they might have a preference for sleeping with. 

A diffuser is also a great option for permeating the room with an even, delicate aroma of lavender.  Be sure to select a diffuser that does not use heat to disperse the essential oils that can otherwise be a burn hazard for baby.  Instead, look for an ultrasonic diffuser that is designed for essential oils without the use of heat. 

You can also decorate your bedroom and the nursery walls with dried wreaths, add small bouquets to shelves or toss a few sachets of dried buds in baby's jammy drawers.

Looking for more lavender inspiration for caring for your little one?  Take a look at some diapering and skin care products for babies.

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