Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Chemical-Free Alternative to Dryer Sheets

Have you ever considered a chemical free alternative to dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener for freshening your laundry?  Many laundry products claim to have fresh, floral or outdoor inspired aromas.  How on earth does one bottle the fragrance of a fresh mountain spring or a warm breeze on a Spring day?

Did you know that one artificial fragrance in a laundry product can contain as many as hundreds of chemicals that may aggravate respiratory issues and be a genesis for other health related concerns?  Not to mention the undesirable impact of environmentally unfriendly emissions from dryer vents into the atmosphere and contributing unnecessary waste to our landfills.  Additionally, dryer sheets and fabric softening agents coat fabric fibers, which may undesirably affect skin and diminish absorbency of microfiber cloths and towels.

Let us suggest a “green” alternative.  Imagine the sweet, floral aroma of blooming lavender wafting through your laundry room while you wash and dry, load after load...

All-natural chemical free alternative to dryer sheets

You will need a set of 100% felted wool dryer balls.  These can be obtained from brick and mortar establishments carrying goods for the home as well as countless online shops. You can also very easily make your own wool dryer balls - here's a great step by step tutorial.

While the ancient art of wool felting has been practiced for centuries, it is unknown exactly when and where felted wool dryer balls originated.  Typically, they can be found in sets of four to eight.  The more balls used, the less time it will take to dry a load, which will positively impact your energy bill.

Trending for several years now, they have steadily increased in availability as the general population increasingly searches for eco-conscious products, even for laundry use!  There are dozens of options to peruse when it comes to wool dryer balls.  How does one know what to look for?

We recommend sourcing from a local, sustainable purveyor whenever possible.  Perhaps your local farmer’s market features a felt artisan who sustainably handcrafts them using wool from a local sheep farmer.  Try a boutique shop in your town that carries fair trade home wares.  Maybe they carry a set that is handcrafted by an ethical business in Nepal.

These spherical wonders perform by utilizing the inherent absorbency of wool.  While tumbling with fabrics, the woolly spheres fluff and separate damp laundry and gradually beat out and absorb excess water from fabrics.  Improved hot air circulation throughout the tumbling load allows for more efficient evaporation of water, reduces overall drying time and lessens wrinkling and twisting - particularly for household linens.  In addition, naturally occurring lanolin in the wool lessens static cling.

Add a few drops of our Organic Lavender Essential Oil to each wool dryer ball a few hours before use, which will permit the oil to absorb further into the fibers and sustain a longer aroma release.  The heat from the dryer activates and disperses the lavender oil and lightly fragrances fabrics and surroundings.  For an additional boost of fragrance, pause the dry cycle just before the cool, air fluff portion and add a few more drops of essential oil to the dryer balls and recommence the cycle.

All-natural chemical free alternative to dryer sheets

Our lavender plants are organically and sustainably grown and harvested.  We even distill our own Lavender essential oil right on our San Juan Island Farm.  Bring a touch of aromatherapy to a typically humdrum task and try our Organic Lavender Essential Oil to impart a 100% green and natural fragrance to your dryer friendly washables.  When you empty the dryer, imagine yourself meandering through a field of blooming lavender on a warm, sunny day...

Extend the experience of blooming fields of lavender to your ironing or bedtime preparations with Lavender Linen Water.

All-natural chemical free alternative to dryer sheets



  1. Great idea unless you are allergic to lanolin like I am.

    1. Non-wool options include balled up socks or tennis balls. Both work well!