Wednesday, May 15, 2019

What's so special about handcrafted products?

Those who have been enjoying Pelindaba products for many years know well the level of quality that has become synonymous with the Pelindaba Lavender name.  Using the finest of ingredients and our own organic lavender play a large part in their quality.  So too does the unique packaging that we source from hither and yon.  But, if we were to give only one reason for the the quality of our products, it would be that they are all handmade on our farm.

Handmade quality lavender products for body, home, kitchen and pet

We frequently use "handcrafted" to describe our lavender products.  This is one of the primary attributes that make Pelindaba products so unique.  But, what does handcrafted actually mean at Pelindaba?

While those who frequent one of our retail locations or order their favorites online directly experience the wonderful fragrance, feel, taste or efficacy of our products, the true depth of what it means that they are all handcrafted rather than assembly line produced may be a little more abstract.

Let's pop into our production center at the farm and show you what handcrafted looks like at Pelindaba.

Handcrafting organic lavender products on San Juan Island, Washington
Photo: Steffi Wehner

Handcrafted at Pelindaba Lavender

Simply put, handcrafted means requiring skill with the hand.  This is very true at our production center.  We are blessed to be part of an island community that is rich in skilled artisans.  The hands that make each and every product individually - from start to finish - are immensely talented.

Lavender products for body, home, kitchen and pet 

Each small batch of ingredients is measured out by hand.  The ingredients are then mixed, whipped, blended, stirred or combined by hand.  Jars, bottles, tubs and tubes are hand filled... picture a large glass measuring cup being used to hand pour Lavender Insect Repellant into tiny purple bottles - each and every one individually!

Each and every label is then applied by hand, each and every bow tied by hand, each and every tag cut out by hand and affixed by hand... and if that's not enough, even some of our unique boxes are cut out and folded into shape by hand.

All Pelindaba Products are made with organic lavender by hand  Handcrafted lavender products for home, budy, pet care and more

Each and every bottle of shampoo, eye pillow and tin of tea receives specific attention from skillful artisans, many of whom have a decade of experience making these products.

All products are handcrafted at Pelindaba Lavender

It's just about as far from mass-produced goods churning out of a factory in some nameless place as one can get.

Producing in small batches on-site provides an incredibly high level of quality control per product.  We know who mixed each batch, packaged each batch, finished each batch, etc.  This intimate level of knowledge and attention to detail ensures that you receive the best of Pelindaba each and every time you bring one of our products home or give them as gifts.

Lavender products made by hand with organic lavender

San Juan Island, where our farm is located, is a small community.  It is an honor and privilege to contribute to the economic well-being of our small island community by maintaining these values and employing local artisans to bring their talent and skills to the table (literally!) to handcraft.

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