Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Our Favorite Natural Lavender Stress Relieving Products for College Students

This generation's high school and college students are arguably faced with more stress than many of those who preceded them.  Back to school for these young adults means more than just moving toward their goals of graduating high school, leaving their childhood home, earning a degree, and becoming independent working adults.

From secondary school and onward, the educational experience has changed dramatically.  There is higher competition for grades and achievements in order to be accepted into college and receive scholarships.  Classrooms often reflect real world environments with the integration of technology in instruction that mimic staff development, peer collaboration and real time evaluations.   Students are stretched for time to complete assignments while participating in extra-school activities, working, getting enough sleep and maintaining social lives in the age of social media.

All of these stresses compound for many students and can manifest in sleeplessness, anxiety and headaches which can sometimes lead to unhealthy options to find rest and comfort.

Fortunately, lavender's wondrous therapeutic attributes are known to aid sleep and promote calming to quiet minds without introducing any toxic "remedies" to the body.  Here are a few of our favorite handcrafted Pelindaba Lavender products for facing the oft grueling days back in the advanced education system.

Our Favorite Natural Lavender Stress Relieving Products for College Students


Lavender Stress Ball

Many people find that when they are stressed, they are fidgety and have trouble staying focused on one task - instead running a list of many tasks through their restless mind or find comfort in having something in their hands, like a fidget spinner or something similar.

One great and tried-and-true solution to release this "fidgetiness" is the classic stress ball.  Pelindaba's Lavender Stress Ball is filled with lavender buds that release the calming scent of lavender essential oil when squeezed - which, of course, helps calm and quiet the mind

The physical motion of clutching and releasing the stress ball also focuses the muscles on an activity, which then helps the mind remain on task.  The stress ball can be especially helpful during long periods of testing, nights before big exams or while writing papers.  Another great option is to burn a lavender candle during late night studying.

Organic Lavender Sachet

One of the best known attributes of lavender essential oil is that of helping to quiet the mind for sleep.  An Organic Lavender Sachet tucked under your pillow will help you calm and fall asleep more easily.  To generate more fragrance gently squeeze the sachet which will crush the buds and release more of the fragrant essential oil contained within the buds.  Keeping a few sachets in your pajama drawer and linen closet will not only keep your pillowcases, sheets, and pajamas fresh and insect-free, but will also permeate your textiles with the same aroma that will encourage rest and relaxation during especially stressful seasons of school.

Lavender Lip Therapy

Pelindaba's Lavender Lip Therapy is a great way to discretely reduce anxiety and stress with the calming scent of lavender, with the added benefit of moisture for your lips.  If you tend to bite, chew or lick your lips when concentrating or under pressure, this can be a welcome benefit, especially as we enter into drier, cooler months that can often lead to cold sores and chapped and cracked skin.

Back to School Goodies for College and High School Students

Lavender Room Mist

Refresh your bed or dorm room with the sweet scent of lavender.  Often small enclosed living spaces can develop musty smells due to moisture, lack of ventilation or to more than one person being in the small space.  The fresh floral fragrance of lavender will renew the space and also impart the calming scent of lavender.  Keeping your space fragrant with lavender will help you sleep and also repel insects that are often found in dorm buildings and attracted to those somewhat cramped conditions.  If you are in a dry climate and need more moisture in the air, a humidifier or a sonic diffuser with a few drops of lavender essential oil are great options, too.

Lavender Hand Sanitizer

No one wants to catch common colds or other illnesses.  High densities of students moving through classrooms, halls, dining spaces and common areas enable illness to spread easily and quickly.

To combat illnesses, it is a good practice to have a hand sanitizer readily available for quick use.  Many hand sanitizers use harsh chemicals that are damaging to the skin and are linked to the development of “super bugs”.  It is best to use only natural sanitizing products to prevent worse ailments and eliminate germs.  Pelindaba's Lavender Hand Sanitizer provides the natural antiseptic properties of lavender in a fragrant spray that you will want to use often and will actually help the healing of minor skin abrasions on the hands!

Our Favorite Natural Lavender Stress Relieving Products for College Students

Need more ideas for natural remedies or have a particular woe about going back to school?  Let us know in the comments below - we always love to share stories from our friends to help make your days a little more comfortable and lovely.


  1. I have used your products for 15 years and my son is entering 6th grade. Let it be known that our littles are even more stressed out than college students. My son already requested his essential oils but there are some great things that he can keep in his locker and I will be ordering soon.


    1. Certainly, little ones experience the anxiety of going back to school and the stress that can entail as well. In a couple of weeks we'll have even more tips for using lavender to help ease kids (and parents) back into the school routine.
      Thank you for your very kind words. We're thrilled your family is seeking out natural (and fragrant) was to find calming relief from the stresses of life.