Wednesday, October 16, 2019

All About Our Best Exfoliator - Lavender Sugar Scrub

Out with the old, in with the new - skin!   Whether you need to give some attention to tough, summer sandal-clad feet, scrub away wintry, dry skin or simply want to maintain the softness and glow of well exfoliated skin all the time, our Lavender Sugar Scrub is just the practical luxury you need.

Lavender Sugar Scrub has been a staple of our all-natural personal care line for well over a decade - no surprise there.  It is wonderfully efficient and effective as a skin cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer.

All About Lavender Sugar Scrub by Pelindaba Lavender

Luscious and simple ingredients - shea butter, a handful of moisturizing plant oils and the naturally occurring antimicrobial properties of our Organic Lavender Essential Oil, blended with granulated sugar to provide gentle exfoliation - make for a truly beneficial and effective skin care product.  The chic packaging and clean fragrance make it appealing to everyone.  As long-time sugar-scrubber Carol says... "it smells lovely, but not girly so both my husband and I like it."

Handcrafted Lavender Sugar Scrub by Pelindaba Lavender

Tips for the novice sugar-scrubber...
  • Keep your jar of sugar scrub elevated in the shower.  If you have to bend down to reach it water from the shower will run down your arm and fill the top of the jar with water.  Position your jar on a shower shelf or elevated caddy to keep it shower-water-free.
  • Only use a quarter size amount at a time.  Scooping too much out of the jar and trying to work it into the skin may be difficult to manage and you'll run the risk of losing some down the drain.  What a waste!
  • Use caution when applying sugar scrub in the shower as it can make the shower floor slick.
  • Massage into skin gently using circular motions and leave it on for a few minutes so that the naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids in the sugar can work their dead skin sloughing magic.
  • Extra care should be taken when using exfoliators on the face.  Test a small amount first before using on sensitive skin.
  • Use prior to shaving so that the sugar can slough away dead skin cells allowing your razor closer access to do it's best work.  The oils will provide smooth glide and our organic lavender essential oil will help prevent hair follicle irritation.
  • Sugar scrub makes a great lip scrub, especially in winter when lips are prone to dryness, chapping or pealing. 
  • Rinse with lukewarm water, pat dry and wait a few minutes before dressing to retain the oils on the skin and allow them to soak in providing on-going moisture.
  • Once weekly use is all it takes to keep skin soft and supple. 
Handmade Lavender Sugar Scrub by Pelindaba Lavender with Organic Lavender Essential Oil

The texture is so inviting.  Sweet little granules, pregnant with golden oils, create a unique, tactile sensation when small amounts are scooped out by hand and gently massaged into wet skin.

Lavender Sugar Scrub by Pelindaba Lavender with Organic Lavender Essential Oils
Precise finishing for each jar creates an elegant presentation for treating yourself or others.  Steady hands place labels and deft fingers create intricate bows on each and every jar.  This is one of our favorite products to give as gifts.  The recipient receives so much decadently practical skin care in an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer.

Lavender Sugar Scrub handmade at Pelindaba Lavender

Lavender Sugar Scrub handcrafted at Pelindaba Lavender Farm

For additional rejuvenating skin care, try our At Home Lavender Spa Treatment or expand your skin regimen with our 5 favorite nourishing and moisturizing lavender products - all handmade at our farm of course!

Gifting Lavender Sugar Scrub by Pelindaba Lavender

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