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A Cozy, Autumn Floral Arrangement Tutorial

The seasonal shift into fall in the Northern Hemisphere brings a plethora of new colors, textures and shapes to the natural world.  Leaves change color, grasses dry, seed pods emerge, branches are uncovered... all creating an abundant palette for floral arranging that is quite unique from spring and summer blooms.  Brew up a cozy cup of tea and let's make something from all the autumnal beauty.

Autumn Floral Arrangement with Lavender Tutorial


How to Make a Lavender Autumn Arrangement

In this tutorial we share the materials we sourced from the farm and surrounding island hedgerows and the occasional country ditch.  We aren't fussy about where our florals come from.  Hunting up unique and interesting materials is all part of the fun.  Your own yard, a kind neighbor's yard (best to ask first, of course!) and the local nursery are all great sources, but don't overlook the side of the road. Most people do, so it's often quite a treasure trove!


  • greens - we like to add a bit of bright green fir or cedar to contrast the warm autumnal tones
  • branches - mostly bare or with a few final leaves, pine cones or berries
  • colorful shrubs - many shrubs change color in fall, these are excellent sources for dense, color-filled texture
  • seed pods - many plants boast dramatic seed pods as they prepare to propagate
  • dried wheat - readily sourced from local nursery, markets and even craft stores
  • dried lavender *  
  • an autumnal container - we used a tall apple basket, but lots of other things would work very well - a metal bucket, a wooden box or crate, a heavy glass jar...
* We used our own Lavandula x intermedia "Grosso" for it's long stalks, vibrant color and longevity once dried.  We also included some dried Lavandula x intermedia "Alba".  This is a white lavender to provide a little contrast.  Any lavender that dries nicely will create a lovely contrast to your other fall florals.

Fall Arrangement with Lavender   How to make an Autumn Floral Arrangement with Lavender

Step 1 : Build the foundation and framework

Using greens and branches, create a loose web within your container.  This is the structure that will provide support to the rest of your florals.  Autumn florals can be much drier than their spring and summer forebears and, therefore, more delicate and in need of a sturdy foundation.

This is the time to consider weight.  Unlike other fresh flowers, water isn't necessary.  Fall florals are often partially or even fully dried when they are sourced.  This means that your container will not be weighted with water.  Floral stones or a couple of rocks from the garden are an excellent means of weighting your container.

A weighted container will allow you to create height with your branches without the arrangement becoming top heavy.

DIY Fall Floral Arranging with Lavender   Fall Floral Arranging with Lavender Tutorial

Step Two : Fill it in

This is where the dried lavender and colorful shrubs come in.  They provide density within your branch framework.  Pack it in!  Play with varying heights within the branch framework, being mindful of the overall shape you are creating.

How to Make a Fall Inspired Lavender Bouquet   How to Make a Fall Inspired Lavender Bouquet

Step Three : Bring in the contrast

Dried wheat provides any arrangement wonderful color and shape.  Its warm gold tone contrasts particularly well with the blueish-purple hues of dried lavender.  Scatter a handful of wheat stalks throughout your arrangement mirroring the same tampering heights of the overall shape of your creation.

Lavender Craft Project for Fall 

Step Four : A little something to pop...

Seed pods!  Add just a few as the final explosion of shape and form in this riotous celebration of nature's autumn style.

How to Make an Autumnal Lavender Flower Arrangement

How to Make an Autumnal Lavender Flower Arrangement

DIY Fall Lavender Flower Arrangement

And there you have it!  Have fun with your creativity.  Your arrangement will have it's own unique look based on the elements you are drawn to.  It won't look exactly like ours, nor should it!  It should look like your vision of fall.

Just as fall is a season of change, your arrangement will likely change with time.  You might notice one element has dried out too much and lost its color.  That's OK.  Take it out and replace it with more greens or something else from your yard or from the byways that's visually appealing to you.  Let it transform as the season transforms.

Beautiful Fall Lavender Bouquet


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You are very welcome! Send us a picture of your Lavender Autumn Arrangement!