Monday, November 4, 2019

The Friendly Faces of Pelindaba Lavender - and Their Favorite Products

Tucked up in the very upper left corner of Washington State on our San Juan Island farm, we do lavender.  We grow lavender, lots of lavender.  We also harvest it, dry it and distill its wonderful essential oil - which we use as the foundation for the various products we make on site.

But you don't have to trek to our farm to get The Complete Lavender Experience®.  Each of our products are shipped out directly from the farm to our Product Galleries across the country.  In each of these locations, your senses are immersed in lavender - the smell, the look, the taste, the feel, the sound...

Come with us on a journey from coast to coast to meet some of the Pelindaba family you'll encounter at our Product Galleries and discover their favorite handcrafted Pelindaba Lavender products!

Pelindaba Lavender Friday Harbor


This Product Gallery is located in the town on San Juan Island - and only a short 10 minute drive from the farm.  Andrea (who also creates Pelindaba's exquisite lavender glass bead jewelry!) manages this location.  Her favorite product is our Lavender Therapeutic Salve.

"My family uses it as the go-to for healing any skin issue, as well as minor injuries.  It also promotes relaxation as part of my daily bedtime routine as a softening moisturizer for my face and feet."

Pelindaba Lavender Orcas Island


Orcas Island is another part of the San Juan Archipelago.  Only a couple of miles separates it from San Juan Island.  The Product Gallery located on this sister-island is managed by Sonia, whose favorite Pelindaba product is the Lavender Treatment Stick.

"It is a 'multi-tool kit' in one easy-to-use package.  I take it with me everywhere.  Since I have it with me most of the time, I use it (and share it with others) for insect bites or stings, headaches, dry skin, etc!"

Pelindaba Lavender La Conner


Odile manages the Pelindaba Lavender Product Gallery in the charming town of La Conner in western Washington.  Odile's favorite product is our Organic Lavender Hydrosol.

"I love all of our handcrafted lavender products, but my very favorite is the Organic Lavender Hydrosol.  It has so many practical uses.  It's a staple in my everyday life."

Pelindaba Lavender Bainbridge Island


Another Washington State island, just a short ferry ride from Seattle, is home to another Product Gallery, managed by Amy.

"Lavender Hand Sanitizer is a favorite Pelindaba product of mine.  It smells fantastic and, more importantly, sanitizes and freshens hands when washing isn't available.  I keep a small bottle in my purse for on-the-go cleansing needs - very useful to sanitize shopping cart handles.  Everyone always asks to try some!"

Pelindaba Lavender Edmonds


Lisa hosts the Product Gallery located in the heart of the quaint seaside town of Edmonds, WA - just 15 minutes north of Seattle.  Lisa's favorite product is our Lavender Body Butter.

"It called out to me years ago when I visited Pelindaba Lavender for the first time.  The packaging was like a small treasure and gleamed from the store shelves beckoning me to try it.  Since that day I tell all our customers about it.  It's a dream come true for my dry skin!"

Pelindaba Lavender Ashland


Julie (and the adorable Juneau!) are the hosts at the Ashland, Oregon Product Gallery.  Julie's favorite Pelindaba product is our Lavender Treatment Stick.

"It's the most versatile and convenient way for me to carry our luscious essential oil and a moisturizer in 'one' everyday.  I have traveled the world with mine.  Any abrasion, irritation, bug bite or spot where I need moisture or healing, I know our Lavender Treatment Stick will handle it.  It should be called the Lavender Wonder Stick!"

Pelindaba Lavender Manitou Springs


Scott leads this Product Gallery nestled in the beautiful mountains outside of Colorado Springs.  Our Organic Lavender Essential Oil is Scott's favorite product.  

"We diffuse our soothing Organic Lavender Essential Oil every night to help us and our dog relax and sleep more soundly."

Pelindaba Lavender Savannah


The beautiful and hospitable city of Savannah is home to the Product Gallery hosted by Chris.  Her favorite Pelindaba product is the Lavender Body Butter.

"Our Lavender Body Butter offers me such a calming fragrance while soothing my skin.  It's 'relaxation' calling my name in a pretty gold jar.  It keeps me from needing that last glass of wine!  Everyone on my holiday gift list is getting one."

Pelindaba Lavender Amelia Island


Our sister-island on the East Coast is home to one of our Florida Product Galleries.  Pam leads the "lavender charge" here.

"Picking one favorite Pelindaba Lavender product is a difficult task.  If I had to choose just one, it's Lavender Linen Water.  I use it every single evening.  Just a couple of spritzes on my pillow and I sleep like a baby."

Pelindaba Lavender St. Augustine


Luckily for Pam, she gets to pick another favorite as she splits her time between Pelindaba Lavender Amelia Island and Pelindaba Lavender St. Augustine, just 45 minutes south along the Florida coast.  Pam's other favorite is our Lavender Essential Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

"Technically they are two products, but they are my go-to hair care set.  I love the way it makes my hair smell and feel.  It can be used every day without drying hair out, is great for all hair types and safe for colored hair."

These are all great places to sample our handcrafted lavender products and discover all the attributes of this wondrous plant with our enthusiastic staff.

Lavender's many natural properties are the foundation for all the luxurious and practical products we make at the farm - products for everyday needs of the body, the home, the kitchen, pets and more.

Come visit us at one of our Product Galleries to discover more of our Pelindaba family's favorite uses for lavender, and indulge all your senses in The Complete Lavender Experience®!

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