Monday, November 18, 2019

Dressing the Thanksgiving Table

While you are planning your Thanksgiving menu and considering how to dress your turkey, stuffed acorn squash or vegetarian roast, don't forget about dressing your table.  Creating a cozy, festive and fall-feeling tablescape for an intimate party of two to a grand gathering is easy to do with a few props and natural materials.

We asked a couple of our Pelindaba artisans to create a Thanksgiving table decor theme in a variety of gathering "sizes".  Here's what they come up with to inspire your feasting tables.

Create Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor


How to Dress the Thanksgiving Table

What you'll need:

  • Something to set the tone - We used a pumpkin colored woven mat to provide a warm, central focused foundation on our wooden table, as well as pumpkins and pine cones.
  • Something to create height - We used variety of differently sized rough-cut tree rounds with the bark still attached to lend a woodsy feel to the look.
  • Something to contain floral arrangements - We used a set of antique measuring cups, a wicker cornucopia and an apple basket.
  • Something to create floral arrangements - We used branches, seed pods, dried wheat, colorful shrubs, a bit of dark greenery and lavender (surprise!).
  • Something to feast upon - We used the fall-colored red and marigold dishes from our farm kitchen.
Consider these materials as inspiration to fuel your personal creativity.

Option 1 - Thanksgiving For Two

An intimate meal for two calls for a tablescape that is low allowing for lively, eye-to-eye conversation.  A few small arrangements in small containers placed on various low platforms creates a dynamic, organic look to support the beautiful meal to be shared.

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Decor

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Decoration with Lavender  Thanksgiving Table Dressing with Lavender

Thanksgiving Table Decoration with Natural Materials

Option 2 - A Cozy Table for Four

A cornucopia, with its symbolism of plentiful bounty, makes a perfect center piece for a larger tablescape.  Here we've filled it to bursting with fall florals supported by varying sizes of tree rounds.  As a variant, fill a cornucopia with small pumpkins and gourds of varying white, golden and dark green colors so that they overflow and spill onto the table.

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements  How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

How to Create Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

Option 3 - For Something Grander...

A larger tablescape can accommodate a strong focal point.  Here the center of the table is anchored with a vertical arrangement bursting with fall color and texture.  To create this autumn arrangement, check out this step-by-step tutorial.  We've also surrounded the centerpiece with large pumpkins, accented with large pine cones and small clusters of smaller cones.

How to Set Thanksgiving Tables with Pumpkins

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration  Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Decoration

You can also bring touches of lavender to the table by tying 4-5 stalks of dried lavender together with a bit of twine or orange and red raffia for each place setting or incorporate lavender into a few of your festive recipes.

One of our favorites for gatherings at the farm are Lavender Berry Canapes.  This tasty recipe is a breeze to whip up to tide guests over until the main event.  Using any type of savory cracker, spread the top with Brie and add a dollop of Lavender Berry Chutney.  Done!

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