Monday, February 17, 2020

Natural Spring Cleaning with Lavender - for Closets and Carpets

The places where we spend time — home, studio, office, car, boat, RV — are periodically in need of freshening.  These times are often early spring after homes have been buttoned up all winter, after a space has been vacant for an extended period of time or our pets have been cooped up inside.

There's no need to turn to chemical freshening agents.  Nature provides them a-plenty and one of the very best is lavender!  Lavender shines as an air and fiber freshener and as a household insect repellant — particularly against moths in closets and anywhere else woolens are present.
Two of our favorite home freshening products for spring are our Lavender Carpet Freshener and Organic Lavender Sachet.

Non-Toxic Home Freshening with Lavender Carpet Freshener   Non-Toxic Home Freshening with Organic Lavender Sachet


Natural Carpet Care

Use our Lavender Carpet Freshener for carpets, rugs, upholstery, pet beds and more.

We formulate this unique product with our own blend of organic lavender from our own fields, chamomile, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and mint in a vermiculite carrier base. 

Non-Toxic Home Freshening with Lavender Carpet Freshener

To put it into action, sprinkle and leave on your musty carpet fibers for at least ten minutes, then vacuum normally.  The friction and heat of the vacuum cleaner helps release the natural oils into the fibers to discourage common household insects, especially fleas. At the same time, it distributes a fresh, herbal lavender fragrance throughout the space.  

For even better results, leave the Lavender Carpet Freshener on your carpet for a couple of hours.  Walking on it will also help work the natural (non-staining) oils into the fibers.

Non-Toxic Home Freshening with Lavender Carpet Freshener

Non-Toxic Home Freshening with Lavender Carpet Freshener 

Cars, boats, RVs, pet crates and the like all can benefit by the same application.

Closets and Dressers Fresh with Lavender

Use our Organic Lavender Sachets for drawers, closets, woolen storage and more.

Experience the fragrance of freshly blooming lavender fields whenever you open your drawers and closets!

The lavender flower buds, heavy laden with essential oil, are stripped from their stalks after being harvested, bundled and hung up to dry for several weeks – the exact duration being dependent on the prevailing weather.  They are then sifted to remove leaf and stalk fragments before being used to fill the sachets — a centuries-old method of bringing not only their fragrance, but also the natural insect repelling and antibacterial properties of lavender into everyday use.

Add a couple of sachets to drawers and closets (hanging them from clothes hangers works perfectly!) to bring the fresh scent of lavender to these confined spaces.

Non-Toxic Home and Closet Freshening with Organic Lavender Sachets

Over time, you'll notice the fragrance starts to dissipate.  This is natural as lavender essential oil is an aromatic oil that evaporates.  When this occurs, don't throw your sachets out!  Simply reach into your drawer or closet and give the sachet a couple of squeezes.  This will break open more flower buds to release more aromatic essential oil.  This can usually be done for a couple years before needing to be replaced with fresh sachets!

Non-Toxic Home and Closet Freshening with Organic Lavender Sachets

Knitters will be happy to know that lavender is a natural and chemical-free method to keep moths out of your precious yarn collection.  Keep a few sachets among your skeins and squeeze them periodically to ensure that lavender's insect repelling power is in full force. A good rule of thumb is — if you can smell it, the moths can smell it. (And it's working!)

As you freshen up your spaces, keep in mind that these products and practices also work beautifully in cars, boats and RVs as well!

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