Monday, April 27, 2020

Lavender Self-Care Kit

In our fast-paced, on-demand society it can be hard to find stillness and quiet.  Demands on our time and attention can be unrelenting and seem to come from all sides.  From the details of daily life to the state of our global community it can, at times, be all together a lot to process.  Sometimes we just need a break...a few moments to intentionally pause the day's activities and cares and just be still and quiet. 

Where to start?  We've put together a lavender self-care kit to provide 30 minutes of rest and relaxation using 5 of the lavender products we handcraft at our farm.  Of course, 30 minutes is just a suggest.  Take as much time as you want!

Click here to see all the lavender self-care kit product details - pick and choose, all or some, to create your moments of lavender calm.

Lavender Self-Care Kit from Pelindaba Lavender Farm

1. Lavender Foot Soak

Our Lavender Foot Soak is a blending of the organic lavender flowers and essential oil we produce at the farm, Epsom salt and solar-dried salts to provide a time-honored treatment for sore feet.  You'll need a basin or tub large enough for your feet to rest comfortably, warm or hot water and a towel.  After heating the water to your preferred temperature, sprinkle a handful or two of the Lavender Foot Soak into the basin and feel the tension and aching in the feet drift away.

Lavender Self-Care Kit with Lavender Foot Soak

2. Organic Lavender Black Ceylon Tea

Of course any of our organic lavender tea blends will provide stress-relief in a wonderfully refreshing beverage, but for this self-care treatment we prefer our original Organic Lavender Black Ceylon Tea blend.  It combines full-bodied flavor, soothing calm and a little "pick me up" to carry us into the rest of the day.  All of our lavender teas are loose leaf, so you'll need an infuser to brew a cup to your taste preference.   

 3. Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies - need we say more?  If chocolate isn't your thing, how about some Lavender Shortbread?  We bake both of these tasty treats at the farm using our organic culinary lavender.  They are bite-sized, so it's ok to have a few (and a few more!).

Lavender Self-Care Kit with Lavender Tea and Lavender Cookies

4. Lavender Eye Pillow

Our Lavender Eye Pillows are sewn by local San Juan Island artisans and filled with our own farm-grown blend of organically certified lavender buds, heavy with fragrance.  Combined with dust-free rice to provide weight, these pillows provide practically instant stress relief

Tip - These lavender pillows can be cooled in a freezer (be sure to seal them in a plastic bag before putting them in the freezer to preserve the aroma) or heated in a microwave depending on the preferred treatment.  Before applying to the eyes, gently squeeze the pillow to break open the organic lavender buds to release their soothing essential oils.

Lavender Self-Care Kit with Lavender Eye Pillow

5. Lavender Body Butter

After soaking, thoroughly moisturize your feet with Lavender Body Butter.  Organic shea butter, jojoba oil, rosemary oil extract, vitamin E and, of course, our organic lavender essential oil provide luxurious moisture and irresistible fragrance. 

Lavender Self-Care Kit with Lavender Body Butter

It's time to schedule some self-care for yourself or a loved one.  It might be hard to carve out the time, but it's worth it!

Create a peaceful space (turn off the phone and maybe turn on some calming music), heat up some water, brew some tea and take 30 minutes to let your body, mind and heart rest.  Leisurely sip your tea, indulge in something sweet, wiggle your toes in the soothing soak,  close your eyes and just breathe...

Click here to see all the lavender self-care kit product details - pick and choose, all or some, to create your moments of lavender calm.


  1. What is the cost of the kit and how do I order? Thannk you,

    1. Product details, cost and ordering are available in the links above. Simply click on any of product links above.

  2. I would like to order a couple of these gifts - how do I order and how much are they?

    1. Wonderful! Just click on the product links above for full details and ordering.

  3. Is it an actual kit or do you have to purchase items separately?

    1. The products are sold separately - pick and choose, all or some, to create your moments of lavender calm by clicking on the links above.