Monday, May 11, 2020

Non-Toxic Alternatives for Spring Cleaning at Home

How is your "Spring Cleaning" list coming along?  If your list doesn't have as many tasks crossed off as you'd like, we can help.

Cleaning shouldn't come with worry about the products you are using.  The home care products we make at our farm contain no dyes, synthetics, preservatives, perfumes or other undesirable ingredients.  We are committed to the health and well-being of our families and yours.  For that reason we use only naturally-sourced ingredients, produce in small batches and maintain tight quality control throughout the entire process from raw material to finished product.

If your cleaning supplies consisted of only two essentials, they would have to be Organic Lavender Hydrosol and Lavender Household Cleanser.  With these two products you can tackle almost every project from dusting, windows, floors and counters to sinks, tubs and toilets.

For air freshening, carpet care, closets and drawers our Lavender Carpet Freshener and Organic Lavender Sachets are our favorites.  They are much safer than chemical-based solutions and bring the fragrance of blooming lavender fields in summer to your living space.

Don't forget the lavender soap!  At the kitchen sink, in the powder room, in the shower or at work - we have a soap for you.  Washing hands is more important than ever, but it doesn't have to be unpleasant or drying.  Our lavender soaps take advantage of lavender's antiseptic properties in a formulation full of naturally moisturizing oils.

Take a peak at the contents of your cleaning cupboard.  If you are getting low on supplies or are wanting effective natural cleaning options, place a re-stocking order of lavender cleaning products so that you can get back to crossing off your list.  There aren't many things more satisfying than a list that is fully crossed off...except for a clean, fresh and fragrant home!


  1. I love and have used your products since 2004. I rave about the lavendar hydrosol alot especially when it comes to cleaning the nasty kitchen stove...literally wipes right off. The lavendar treatment stick is a great deodorant. Overall every product that is made has its special place.

    1. We are delighted to hear that you've been finding benefit and joy from our products since 2004. That's a long time! Thank you for your continued support all these years!