Friday, July 17, 2020

How To Make The Perfect Lavender Lemon Mimosa

The mimosa is a standard on the traditional brunch menu.  It's sparkly, citrus flavor is the perfect way to bridge a breakfast beverage with celebration.  Plus, who doesn't love to drink things from fluted glasses!?

Are mimosas strictly for brunch?  By no means!  Let's liberate the mimosa and introduce it to other times of day.  How about mid-afternoon on a warm, summer day?  And, while we are at it let's explore beyond the orange for our citrus flavor.  Can we tempt you with a Lavender Lemon Mimosa?

How To Make The Perfect Lavender Lemon Mimosa

The Lavender Lemon Mimosa

This refreshing cocktail really couldn't be easier.  It's two ingredients!
  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Something Sparkling

Let's start with the Lavender Lemonade.  The simplest method for making this delicious ingredient is with our Lavender Lemonade Mix.  It contains everything needed (directions and ingredients) to make 8 cups / 64 fl oz.  All you need to do is add water!

How to Make Pelindaba Lavender's Lemonade

If you have a favorite lemonade recipe that you'd like to use, you can make it "lavender" by cooking up a Lavender Simple Syrup and simply adding it to your lemonade until the taste has the perfect amount of lavender for your palate.  (See recipe below)

Now for something sparkling!  Sparkling wine or champagne are the best options for the traditional cocktail and they both create wonderful bubbles.  For a non-alcoholic mimosa, sparkling lemon-flavored water or sparkling apple cider both work well.

How To Make The Perfect Lavender Lemon Mimosa

With your festive glassware at hand, the ratio of ingredients is equal parts lavender lemonade and your "sparkling" preference.  Add the sparkling liquid first and then add the lavender lemonade.  This will allow the two to mix naturally.  Avoid stirring as this will cause the sparkling liquid to go flat.

With a garnish of lemon peel, fresh lavender or whatever you have on hand (cocktail umbrellas are fun!) you are ready to toast summer.

How To Make The Perfect Lavender Lemon Mimosa

Organic Lavender Simple Syrup





In a small sauce pan, combine water and sugar.  Heat over a medium heat until sugar is dissolved and remove from heat.  Add lavender, in a tea infuser, to the heated syrup and let steep.  If you do not have a tea infuser, add the lavender to the hot syrup, then strain the syrup through a fine mesh colander when cooled.  Remove lavender when the syrup has completely cooled.  You now have a delicious syrup ready to be added to your favorite summer cocktail!

 How To Make The Perfect Lavender Lemon Mimosa

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