Sunday, November 29, 2020

A gift guide for all the loved ones on your list

It's beginning to look a lot like the season when generosity and good cheer abound through the exchanging of gifts.  Thoughtfulness, consideration and love are imbued in each gift that is selected with someone special in mind.

With a such a bountiful line of lavender-based products handcrafted with love at our farm, gift giving is easy at Pelindaba Lavender.  There is probably something for just about everyone on your list who appreciates small batch, artisan goods free from harmful ingredients and that promote healthy living in a healthy environment.
Let's find the perfect gift to put under the tree or send to all the special people on your list this holiday season.
A gift guide for all the loved ones on your list

For wellness and relaxation...

Treat a loved one to a luxurious, lavender soak with a variety of bathing adjuncts from Lavender Bath Salts and Bubble Bath to Lavender Sugar Scrub and Body Powder.  Or give the gift of supple, well moisturized skin with our ever-popular Lavender Lotion and Body Butter.  

Relaxation may be what's needed most for some on your list.  Good thing lavender is a natural stress reducer and anxiety reliever!  A Lavender Eye or Neck Pillow, heavy with rice and fragrance or a lavender massage makes a calming, restorative gift. 

Wellness and relaxation gifts for all the loved ones on your list

For cooking and eating...

Edible gifts are always popular.  The chefs and foodies on your list might enjoy our savory herbs and spices or our sweet chutneys and sauces to complement our lavender cookbook for their own adventuring in the kitchen.  Gifts that are readily enjoyed like lavender cookies paired with a lavender beverage — your choice of organic tea, lemonade or coffee — are good to have on hand for when a small gift is unexpectedly needed.

Cooking and eating gifts for all the loved ones on your list

For chocolate...

Need anyone ever say more?  Probably not, but we will because lavender and chocolate is truly our favorite flavor pairing ever.  The ultimate lavender chocolate gift has to include Lavender Hot Chocolate, Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce, Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gourmet Lavender Chocolate - white, milk and dark.  All three chocolate flavors are a must so that the chocolate lover on your list can sample all three.  How else will they know which their favorite is?

Lavender chocolate gifts for all the loved ones on your list

For a fragrant home and peaceful sleep...

If there is someone on your list who appreciates practicality, a selection of our chemical-free household care products are just the thing for the natural home.  Fragrant gifts to enhance the tranquility of "home" are rarely a miss in our stressful times.  Diffusers, essential oil candles and lavender mists are just the thing to bring aromatherapy to a loved one's living space and to encourage restful sleep.

For the stockings...

Special treats to find in one's stocking might include an Organic Lavender Sachet, a bar of Lavender Soap, a Lavender Wand for a touch of whimsy or an exquisite handmade ceramic dish from a local ceramist.  For everyday usefulness a bottle of Lavender Hand Sanitizer or a pocket-sized Lavender Lip Balm.

Lavender home and candle gifts for all the loved ones on your list    Lavender gifts for all the loved ones on your list

For Gift Giving Made Easy...

Sometimes things just need to be quick and easy.  We understand.  This is when we step in and curate a lovely collection of our farm-made products and wrap them up in beautiful packages that are ready to gift.  All you have to do is write a gift note.  You could even select an art card inspired by the farm to keep the lavender theme going.  Another quick and easy option is a gift certificate so that the lucky recipient can chose exactly what they would like at their leisure.

Lavender gift collections and gift sets for all the loved ones on your list
At Pelindaba Lavender we love sharing our love of lavender and we love seeing others do the same through a gift.  If you would like more lavender gift ideas, we got 'em!  

It's always a good idea to order early to avoid unforeseen carrier delays and to ensure your gifts arrive on time — especially during the busy holiday season.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like some assistance making your gift extra special.  Happy gifting!

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