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3 Irresistible Lavender Inspired Popcorn Toppings

As a snack, popcorn has it all. It is easy to make, affordable, steeped in nostalgia and magical charm, and is an excellent conveyance for delicious flavors. Discovered in the Americas thousands of years ago, this now ubiquitous seed has captivated "snackers" for centuries by the nifty things it does when heated.

For many, popcorn is connected to fun times and loved ones — watching movies, playing games as a family, hanging out with friends, cheering for your favorite sports teams, etc.... At the heart of these good feelings is a little kernel of nutritional goodness. Popcorn is a whole grain that is high in fiber and naturally low in calories, sugar-free and gluten-free. Good thing too! The smell of freshly made popcorn is irresistible!

Let's make it even more irresistible with some delicious toppings using a few of our most popular culinary lavender products!

3 Irresistible Lavender Inspired Popcorn Toppings

First we need to start with some popcorn. Making popcorn with inexpensive and long-lasting kernels at home is simple and only takes a few minutes. There are lots of "perfect popcorn" recipes out there, here's one we like if you want to refine your popping skills

Lavender Herbed Popcorn

Toss freshly made popcorn with melted butter or extra virgin olive oil, salt and a generous amount of our Lavender Herbes de Provence. We usually start with a couple teaspoons and work up from there until all the popped puffs are well-coated. If you are finding that the herbs are not sticking well to the popcorn, add a little more butter or olive oil or try lightly grinding the herbs. 

If you enjoy more intense flavor, add our Lavender Herbes de Provence and a dash of garlic powder to the butter as it is melted. Let it gently simmer for a few minutes to allow the aromatic flavors to fully infuse into the butter.

Our wonderfully fragrant herb blend paired with the salty crunch of popcorn is a delightful snack and makes a charming appetizer or party treat when served in small cups or paper cones.

For more variations on this lavender seasoning theme, check out our Lavender Seasoning Sampler. Each flavor in this sampler is delicious on popcorn and also makes a lovely gift for foodies!

Lavender Herbed Popcorn Recipe

Lavender + Popcorn Blend = Bowl-Licking Good!

Our friends at San Juan Sea Salt create their signature Popcorn Blend with the mineral rich sea salt they harvest from our very own Salish Sea, nutritional yeast and a few other tasty organic herbs and spices. It is inspired by movie nights at our small island movie theater, where nutritional yeast has been a staple for 30+ years. 

The Salish Sea is the body of water surrounding San Juan Island, where our lavender farm is located. If you aren't familiar with the incredible products San Juan Sea Salt creates from the edges of our little island, check them out!

Homemade popcorn liberally finished with Organic Culinary Lavender and San Juan Sea Salt's Popcorn Blend seasoning will have you licking your fingers and the bowl for every last trace of flavor.

Start with popcorn, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil or melted butter and toss with lightly ground Organic Culinary Lavender and Popcorn Blend until each fluffy, popcorn puff is well-coated.

Lavender and San Juan Sea Salt Popcorn

Lavender Chocolate Popcorn

Now for something on the sweet, but not too sweet, side. Drizzle our Lavender Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce over freshly popped kernels and season with salt as you toss. Keep drizzling and tossing until decadently coated. The dark chocolate sweetness and saltiness of the popcorn balance perfectly with a floral touch of sweet lavender.

To avoid the popcorn getting too moist and messy, drizzle with a fork (not a spoon) and fully toss before adding more sauce. 

Lavender Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

All of these tasty topping suggests are designed to dress popcorn made the old fashioned way on the stove top or in an air popper. If microwave popcorn is more to your liking, be sure to increase the amount of toppings lavished upon the popcorn as most microwave popcorn brands include some degree of flavoring already.

Here's a final, fun fact about popcorn... Popcorn was first sold in movie theaters in the late 1920's as the country entered the Great Depression. It's affordable deliciousness helped buoy up the movie theater business during those difficult years. 

So whether you are cueing up a movie, setting up a game to play with loved ones or planning your next party, keep these specialty popcorn ideas at hand for something thoroughly snack-worthy.

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