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Lavender Infused Olive Oil

It probably doesn't come as any surprise that we love "handmade" at Pelindaba. Whether that means you are making a handmade gift or creating something by hand for you and your family to enjoy, when it is made with love by your own hands and packaged up sweetly it always mean so much more.

Infused olive oils make delicious and visually delightful gifts for the food lovers in your life — including yourself! They are a treat to have at the ready in your own kitchen for your own culinary adventuring. Let's make some Lavender Infused Olive Oil!

Lavender Infused Olive Oil Recipe

Lavender Infused Olive Oil

There are various ways to infuse olive oil with herbs and spices. Some heat the oil and others don't, some leave the ingredients in and others strain them out before bottling. The following is what we have found to be the simplest and most successful method.


  • Olive Oil (light, extra virgin - whatever your taste and cooking preference is)
  • Organic Culinary Lavender
  • A few dried organic lavender flower stalks and rosemary sprigs for decoration


  • Clear glass bottles that will seal tightly (well cleaned and thoroughly dried)
  • Mortar and pestle (a couple pieces of parchment paper and a rolling pin will do) 
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Sieve
  • Funnel
  • Twine, cord or ribbon
  • Tag template - Free download here


An 8:1 ratio of olive oil to Organic Culinary Lavender produces a present flavor that is neither too weak or too potent. For example, for 4 cups of olive oil use 1/2 cup of Organic Culinary Lavender.

Of course, each palette is different so feel free to adjust the ratio to suit your preference. Note: The addition of dried, decorative botanicals will allow for some ongoing infusion and slightly intensify the flavor over time.

How to make Lavender Infused Olive Oil

Step 1 : Use a mortar and pestle to crush the lavender to release the flavor. Placing the lavender between two sheets of parchment paper and using a rolling pin to crush it works too.

Step 2 : Gently heat the olive oil and lavender to 180°F in a sauce pan over a medium/low heat.

Step 3 : Remove the oil and lavender from the heat and let it thoroughly cool for several hours.

Step 4 : Prepare your bottles by adding a few dried lavender flower stalks and a sprig of dried rosemary for visual interest.

Step 5 : Strain the oil and lavender through a sieve and pour into the bottles.

Step 6 : Seal the bottles, add some twine and a label to finish. Store in a cool, dark place (or refrigerator) and use within 3 months.

Great Gift Idea -  Lavender Infused Olive Oil  Easy to make Lavender Infused Olive Oil

Note: Be sure your lavender and rosemary is thoroughly dry to avoid the introduction of moisture and the potential for bacteria growth.

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We also handcraft a wide range of lavender gifts at the farm. Gifts for wellness and relaxation, for cooking and eating, for a fragrant home and peaceful sleep, and more! Happy crafting and gifting this holiday season!

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