Wednesday, November 16, 2022

How to make Lavender Sachet Ornaments

In preparation for the holiday season, we are making Lavender Sachet Ornaments. Fragrant and festive, this simple project requires only a few supplies to create rustic-elegant touches for holiday decorating.

Homemade Lavender Sachet Ornaments

Lavender Sachet Ornament


  • Lavender Buds 

This is a great opportunity to use some of the lavender you harvested and dried from your garden this summer or we can send you some of our fragrant Organic Lavender Buds direct from our San Juan Island farm. Our lavender buds are also available in bulk for the avid crafters!

  • Fabric

We used an oatmeal colored linen and a white organza. The linen has a delightfully rustic and organic feel and the organza provides a touch of elegance and shimmer while allowing the lavender buds to be visible. Any fabric that you fancy will do. What a great way to use up some left-over fabric from another project!

  • Pinking Shears

The scissors in the image above are pinking shears. These shears have saw-toothed instead of straight blades and produce a zigzag pattern. This zigzag pattern prevents fabric from fraying.

  • Thread to match your fabric
  • Twine, cord, yard or embroidery floss to hang your ornaments
  • Ornament pattern template - Free download here


Homemade Lavender Sachet Ornaments


1. Using the above pattern template, cut out 2 pieces of fabric per ornament. These will be the front and the back of 1 ornament. You could use the same fabric or different fabrics for the front and back. Have fun with it!
2. Cut enough hanging loops for your ornaments. Six inch lengths is a good place to start so that there are substantial tails to secure on the inside of the ornament.
3. Position the 2 ornament pieces wrong sides together so that the front side of the fabric is visible on both the front and back of the ornament. Secure the fabric pieces with a couple of pins. 

4. Position the loop with the tails between the 2 pieces of fabric at the top of the ornament shape and secure with pins.

5. Sew the 2 pieces of fabric together (including the hanging loop) and leave a small 1/2" to 1" gap.

6. Fill the ornament with lavender buds and then stitch the gap closed.

DIY Lavender Sachet Ornaments   DIY Lavender Sachet Ornaments

Now you are ready to add the soothing fragrance of lavender to your tree, garlands, swags and wreaths. Tip: When you experience the scent of lavender starting to dissipate, gently squeeze the lavender buds to release more essential oil. You can also add a couple drops of pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil to the ornament to boost the fragrance.
These aromatic little ornaments also make lovely homemade gifts. If homemade gifts are right up your alley, you'll want to explore our other DIY holiday gift projects.

We also handcraft a wide range of gift-ready lavender products at the farm. Gifts for wellness and relaxation, for cooking and eating, for a fragrant home and peaceful sleep, and more! Happy crafting and gifting this holiday season!

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