Sunday, December 11, 2022

Lavender Kissing Ball

When we think of holiday affection a sprig of mistletoe probably springs to mind first, but a holiday kissing ball is a far older holiday decor tradition. With roots in the Middle Ages, when bundles of evergreens were hung over doorways as a focus for blessing and goodwill to all who walked beneath, they flourished in Victorian England when all manner of festive foliage was added and single people would line up below for a kiss from an eligible suitor. It was at this point that mistletoe was added and as fashions ebbed and flowed it become the primary beacon for holiday kisses.

Kissing balls are making a well-deserved comeback and we are delighted! They offer a spherical decor twist to the common wreath and swag that feels both modern and nostalgic. Since lavender is, of course, our material of choice, we made one entirely of our dried lavender flowers and love it! Its elegance, simplicity, and pure, fresh fragrance are uniquely festive for the holidays and year-round.

If you are feeling crafty, scroll down for a quick tutorial to make your own Lavender Kissing Ball.

  How to Make a Lavender Kissing Ball

How to make a Lavender Kissing Ball

You'll need:

  • Foam sphere (the size is entirely up to you, we used a 5 inch sphere)
  • Ribbon (we used a 3/4" cream satin ribbon, but select the color and style that appeals to you)
  • Paperclip
  • Scissors
  • A wooden skewer, small dowel or similar
  • Dried lavender flower stalks

A note about dried lavender flower stalks... We used approximately 8 of our Organic Lavender Bouquets for this project. The variety in this bouquet is Lavandula x intermedia "Grosso". As this project is an investment in time, we wanted to be sure that we were using lavender that will retain it's color well and remain sturdy for many years. Grosso is perfect for this project as keeps it's deep violet hue when dried and will not crumble readily. Incidentally, this is the same lavender variety we use for our lavender wreaths and wands.

Step 1 — Using a wooden skewer, create a narrow tunnel through the foam ball. 

Step 2 — Fold your ribbon in half and push the fold through the tunnel using the wooden skewer until a loop pokes out the bottom of the foam ball.

Step 3 — Secure the paperclip through the loop. Pull the two tails of ribbon taught on the other side and tie them together to create a hanging loop.

How to Make a Lavender Kissing Ball

Step 4 — Start processing the dried lavender flower stalks by cutting or snapping the stalks off 1/4 - 1/2 inch below the buds and sticking the ends gently into the foam. Start from the paperclip and work around the sphere from there, keeping the depth of the lavender consistent. 

Step 5 — Once the ball becomes too unwieldy to hold, hang the ball from the loop on top and work up the sides and top. After the ball is fully covered in lavender, you could add an additional bow to the top if you want or leave it sleek and simple like we did. Find a place to display your stunning lavender kissing ball and pucker up!

How to Make a Lavender Kissing Ball

Give yourself time. While it's easy enough to construct, it does take time. Make a cup of hot chocolate and put on your favorite holiday movie and enjoy the creative process!

Note on storage: If you don't plan to display your lavender kissing ball all year, use 3 wooden skewers to create a tripod for the ball to stand on in storage. Gently poke the wooden skewers into the ball between the lavender flowers equal distances apart at an angle that will allow the ball to sit atop them securely. Place the ball and tripod in a bubble wrap lined box with tall sides so that it cannot tip over. Keep out of direct sunlight for the best longevity.

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