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Why Shea Butter and Lavender are our Favorites for Natural Skincare

All living things thrive or decline by their level of hydration. Our skin is no different. Well-hydrated skin that receives regular care will thrive. The natural world is filled with many plant-based substances that contain powerful moisturization properties. One of our favorites is Shea Butter.

Over the last two decades working with this remarkable natural moisturizer, we have come to deeply appreciate its efficacy and its versatility for all skin types and all skin ages.

Why Lavender and Shea Butter are our Favorites for Natual Skincare

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a solid, fatty oil that comes from the nuts of the Shea or Karité trees (Vitellaria paradoxa). These trees are native to the Sahel region of central Africa extending from West to East Africa and almost all shea butter still comes from this area. The nuts are crushed and boiled to extract the natural butter and then filtered to remove impurities, bits of husk and the like.

It naturally contains high amounts of Vitamin A and E to protect and repair skin, several types of fatty acids — including lineoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids — to help the skin retain moisture and elasticity, and it's phenolic compound profile is very similar to that of green tea, making it an effective antioxidant as well.

All About Shea Butter for Natual Skincare All About Shea Butter for Natual Skincare

Shea butter has held a highly respected place in daily life — skincare and beauty preparations, medicine, and cooking (it is non-toxic and edible) — for thousands of years. It has been used, and still is, in applications such as: waterproofing, hairdressing, candle-making, instrument making to increase the durability of the wood, cooking as a vegan oil, and skin moisturizing, healing and general protection.

For centuries shea butter has been referred to as “women’s gold” not only for its rich golden color during the extraction process, but also because it is primarily a women's industry, providing employment and income to millions of strong women throughout Africa and by extension benefiting their families and communities.

All About Lavender and Shea Butter for Natual Skincare All About Lavender and Shea Butter for Natual Skincare

While certainly versatile in its uses, let's focus on shea butter's skincare benefits as these are most personally experienced. Some of these uses may be more applicable to some, but we firmly believe that shea butter is for all skin.

Skin Care Benefits of Shea Butter:

  • Highly moisturizing and skin softening

  • Helps skin retain moisture and improves elasticity due to the presence of mulitple naturally-occuring fatty acids (lineoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acid)

  • Improves skin's ability to absorb moisture — it melts upon skin contact and when fully absorbed does not leave the skin looking or feeling oily

  • Reduces the potential for scars, stretch marks and dark spots as a result of its high vitamin content

  • Improves eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis while being non-comedogenic (it will not block pores)

  • Repairs cracked heals, lips and cuticles

  • Soothes dry, itchy scalp skin while alleviating dandruff

As is often said.... "Every recipe is better with a little butter." When it comes to shea butter, the same is true of your skincare routine.

For all these marvelous reasons, shea butter is an integral ingredient in several of the skincare products we handcraft at the farm. The powerful skin-benefiting properties of shea butter dovetail beautifully with the equally powerful and naturally-occuring antiseptic, non-comedogenic, topical anesthetic, aromatherapy, sedative and solvent properties in our organic lavender essential oil.

Winter, spring, summer and fall the weather takes a toll on the skin. Adding shea butter and lavender to your skincare routine can keep your skin smooth, soft and supple all year long.

Lavender and Shea Butter Skin Care Products

For an extra dose of skin therapy, our Rejuvenating Lavender Green Tea Skincare Mask or our Moisturizing and Gentle Exfoliating Lavender Honey Oat Scrub for Face and Lips make for luxurious at-home spa experiences.

Note: Although there is no evidence that shea butter is a common allergen, if you have a severe tree nut allergy it would be best to consult your physician.

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