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How to use Lavender Essential Oil in everyday life

At the farm we often refer to lavender essential oil as "liquid gold".  It's pale golden hue is certainly apt, but it is in the myriad of everyday uses that lavender essential oil's precious value comes to the fore.  It's application spans the breadth of daily life from personal care and therapeutic to home and pet care settings.  Like gold, it is also costly to create.  Our lavender fields produce an average of 1 fluid ounce of pure essential oil for every 2 mature plants in our distillery.  It requires an immense amount of plant material to create a very small amount of essential oil*, but, like gold, it only takes a little bit to be effective.  Lavender essential oil is so potent, any application requires only a few drops.  Scroll down to learn how a few drops will benefit your daily life...

How to use lavender essential oil in everyday life



Lavender Essential Oil is one of the few natural plant oils that be can applied undiluted directly to the skin with no toxic effects.  As such, it is highly effective as a topical antiseptic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory in many common therapeutic situations:
  • superficial cooking or baking burns
  • bee stings or bug bites
  • abrasions
  • preventing wound infection
  • treating pimples (utilizing lavender's natural solvent property as well!)
  • minimizing scar formation during healing processes

Learn why Organic Lavender Essential Oil is a "must have" for your First Aid Kit

Additionally, it can be used on the body as a...

  • soothing, calming sleep inducer (dab a drop or two on the upper lip at bedtime)
  • tension headache and stress reducer
  • perfume with the added benefit of an insect repellant
  • bathing adjunct to create a fragrant aromatherapy soak

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 5 ml dropper bottle
This 5ml dropper bottle is an excellent size to start benefiting from lavender's many uses


Lavender's naturally occurring solvent, disinfectant and insect repelling properties are an ideal means of broadening the use of natural, non-toxic remedies throughout the home and with four-footed family members.  For example...
  • Use to remove difficult adhesives, oils, paint and tree sap as a natural solvent instead of resorting to chemical treatments
  • Regularly apply between your dog’s shoulder blades to keep fleas and tics at bay
  • Freshen linens and keep moths away from woolens
  • In the form of a lavender candle or room mist or with an ultrasonic diffuser to keep your living space or office fresh and fragrant

Lavender Essential Oil is also the "active" ingredient in Lavender Hydrosol.  This non-toxic, multi-use home care product can only be produced during the steam distillation of essential lavender oil and is an ideal means of bringing the all-natural disinfectant, cleansing, oil solvent and insect repellent properties of lavender essential oil to an even wider range of household, workspace, pet, plant, automobile, boat and other care applications...

  • for washing fruit and vegetables (safe to spray on or near food)
  • for cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces (sinks, counters, floors, refrigerators, microwaves, stove tops, desks, dashboards, etc)
  • for general dusting
  • as a natural solvent for removal of oily substances from kitchen counters, bathroom and other hard surfaces
  • for spot cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery (test in a discrete location first)
  • as an all-natural no-scrub daily shower spray to help prevent mildew
  • for non-streaking no-residue cleaning of windows, glass, mirrors, fine jewelry and digital screens (computer, TV, tablet, smartphone, etc)
  • for removing water spots and finger prints from chrome and stainless steel
  • for discouraging common insects, including flies, fruit flies, spiders and ants, on and around counters, sinks and garbage areas
  • as an extraordinarily effective repellant plant spray for both indoor and outdoor plants, helping rid them of aphids, mealy bugs, etc
  • freshening pet coats and pet mouths
  • treating "hot spots" on pet skin

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 1 fl oz dropper bottle
Our 1 fluid ounce (30ml) dropper bottle is ideal for the avid user who wants to ensure they always have it at hand

When considering any product, especially one used to care for body, home and pets, quality is of the utmost importance.  To ensure optimum quality, unlike many others who buy their oil from "bulk sources" with no clear production history, all our essential oil is USDA Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture and distilled right on the farm exclusively from the lavender flowers we grow ourselves here in our own fields.  You can see the lavender fields anytime via our Farm web cam.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - rollerball applicator
When primarily applying to the skin, this 10 ml roller-ball applicator is ideal

*This is true for all pure essential oils. Which is why pure essential oils are more expensive than "essences", "oils", "aromas" or any of the other names that others give to products that, rather than containing only the pure plant oil, often contain fillers or synthetic fragrances.  It's best to avoid these imposters and use only, pure plant essential oils.  Because they are unadulterated, a little bit goes a very long way and they have very long shelf-lives — both mitigating the initial cost.

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