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Plant-Based Non-Toxic Home Care

There are dozens and dozens of "natural" home care solutions out there, but all too often a read of the long and unpronounceable ingredients list still leaves one baffled as to what they contain.  We find this altogether unnecessary when there are plant-based, non-toxic, simple ingredient home care remedies available that do not contain dyes, synthetics, preservatives, perfumes or other potentially undesirable ingredients.  At Pelindaba Lavender we are committed to creating home care products that are effective and safe for our families and yours.

Let's take a closer peak at a few of these small-batch products that many find useful in their homes and you might too!

Plant Based Non Toxic Home Care

Lavender Linen Water

Fresh fragrance, moth repellant, sleep aid

Lavender Linen Water has a long history as a means to caring for linens and textiles to maintain their freshness and repel moths and other fiber-loving critters.  The added benefit of aiding in sleep when used on bed linens is a much appreciated use of lavender essential oil's long-established, natural soothing and calming properties.

Love to spray my bed each night just before getting under the covers. So light and relaxing! - Mary from MN

I spritz this lavender water on my pillows before I go to bed. I love the scent and I do get a sense of relaxation. This is a wonderful product, and I like the minimal ingredients. - ALWA from FL

Spray it on my pillows at bedtime and sleep like a baby. - KW from OH

Spray this on your sheets and pillowcases, and fall into a calming sleep. - Anonymous from CA

I use this on fresh-out-of-the -dryer laundry, the kitty sleeping quarters, as well as all the people beds in the house. - Gwen from CA

I can’t even tell you how much I love this stuff!! I spray on all fresh laundry and on my bed before I go to sleep. My 5 year old son loves it too and sprays it on his pillow at night. - Whitney from WA

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Lavender Castile Soap

Naturally antimicrobial, disinfectant and sweet smelling

Increased handwashing is here to stay, as are the effects of harsh, chemical-based soaps.  Lavender Castile Soap is here to provide a gentler, yet equally effective, cleansing without drying out the skin, leaving the pleasant and pure aroma of lavender essential oil.  This multi-use product can also double as a liquid dish washing soap and body wash.

Great for hands without drying them out. - Aloria from WA

This soap coats my hands in a lovely scent. My hands feel clean and super smooth. - Forest from CA

My son, husband and I love the lavender liquid soap. It is a mild scent which we like. Plus your hands get completely clean. - Jan from CO

I used this product in my guest powder room for years and recently decided that we were all worth the quality so I ordered 5 for every bathroom in the house! - Sissy from WI

First time I tried this soap. The best soap I've used! - Retha from WA

When I wash my hands I get an aromatherapy burst as well. It is good for cleaning, but I also take the time to slow down and enjoy the fragrance. - Terri from PA

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Plant Based Non Toxic Home Care

Lavender Household Cleanser

Gentle abrasion for those tougher clean ups

Lavender essential oil's natural solvent, antimicrobial and disinfectant properties lend themselves to this effective Lavender Household Cleanser powered scrub for areas in the home that need a little something extra — baths, toilets, sinks, ovens and the like.

Love this as a non toxic cleaner. It leaves my house smelling so fresh. Other cleaners irritate me so I'm happy to have found this as a safer alternative. - Cynthia from TN

I really like this product for cleaning shower stall and bathroom sinks. - Susan from WI 

It’s great to clean with and leaves a nice fresh scent. Soothing and family friendly. - Melanie from OR

Scent, cleaning ability and packaging all fab! Love that I can keep it out on my sink and it looks like it should be there, not just a cleaning supply. I clean more often because is smells so great. - Anonymous from WA

The cleaner works great and it make me feel better knowing I am not cleaning with harsh chemicals. - Anastasio from FL

It is amazing how something that smells so good can have such cleaning power. It doesn't dry out my hands like most cleaners. I like the attractive container that you can leave out on the bathroom counter and it can serve a dual purpose as an air freshener. I have two sons and it even keeps their bathroom smelling fresh and clean. - Tara from WI

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Organic Lavender Hydrosol

Multi-use throughout the home and beyond — personal care, medicinal and pet care too!

Farm-distilled from the lavender flowers grown in our own organically certified fields on our San Juan Island farm, this multi-use product brings lavender's many natural properties to a wide variety of applications.  Some of lavender hydrosol’s primary uses are as a completely non-toxic, multi-purpose disinfectant and natural solvent for hard surface cleaning.  Throughout the home, from kitchen counter tops, to floors, bathrooms and windows, lavender hydrosol has plentiful uses.  For the body, use it to safely clean wounds and soothe irritated skin.  For pets, use it to treat “hot spots” and freshen coats in between bathing. It can even be used as a mouth wash for humans and pets alike!  For a full list of uses - click here.

The home smells so good after I steam clean the tile floor with the lavender hydrosol. I vacuum thoroughly, spray the floor with the hydrosol from a bottle, wait a minute or two, then use the steamer to lift the dirt. Much better than using harsh chemicals. I also use the hydrosol for pet accidents and I do not see a repeat performance. I could go on and on... - Stephanie from WA 

I am using it to clean my yoga mat! Really cuts the odor. I have also sprayed it in our dishwasher and it cut the odor. - Mary from WA

Love the way the lavender cleans the windows. No chemicals. No manufactured colors and smells. - Alan from OK 

I've used the hydrosol for years and love how well it cleans and has a nice scent that disperses over time. I use it all through the house on most surfaces. - Susan from WA

I had not used lavender hydrosol before. I was not sure what to expect, but I liked the organic, natural option. This lavender hydrosol beat all my expectations! It cleans the kitchen with ease. Cleaning windows is a breeze!! The best product I have ever used!! - Teresa from OR

I love this product and use it everyday. I use it as a room freshener, linen spray, on minor cuts and abrasions, and on my roses to prevent aphids. - Theresa from NV

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Plant Based Non Toxic Home Care

Caring for the home shouldn't come with worry about the products you are using.  At the farm we use only naturally-sourced ingredients, produce in small batches and maintain tight quality control throughout the entire process from raw material to finished product.  You can come see for yourself, experience the fields and see where all the handcrafting is done!  In the meantime, explore all the ways lavender brings everyday benefits to the natural home.

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