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Naturally repel insects and treat bug bites with lavender

The great outdoors — from playing in the backyard to exploring the back country — can also come with great quantities of bugs.  No one enjoys the buzzing and whining and subsequent biting and stinging.  These au naturel irritations can be avoided and treated, however, by the use of some of lavender's longest recorded properties as an insect repellant, antiseptic and topical anesthetic.

These are our favorite farm-made products to naturally repel insects and treat bug bites using our own organically certified lavender that we grow, harvest and distill right here at our San Juan Island, WA farm.

How to naturally repel insects and treat bug bites with lavender

Lavender Insect Repellant

Let's start with avoiding pesky bug bites altogether.  How does one do that and avoid equally unpleasant commercial insect repellants that may contain harsh chemicals, be unpleasant to smell, feel sticky or may irritate sensitive skin?
Effectively repelling mosquitoes, gnats, flies, fleas, etc., our Lavender Insect Repellant is an ideal, all-natural alternative containing no harsh chemicals, dyes or synthetics.  Lavender has long been used as an insect repellant both on the body and in the home.  Our organically certified lavender essential oil is a powerful natural insect repellant that is safe to use on sensitive skin, children and pets.  Bonus — its pure scent is also soothing and calming!

It is perfect for all outdoor activities – gardening, hiking, camping, walks on the beach, weddings, parties, concerts, etc.  Available in multiple sizes, pack it for travel and keep a large bottle at home for family-use.

How to naturally repel insects and treat bug bites with lavender

Lavender Treatment Stick

As much as we all try to avoid insect bites, they can still sometimes occur.  Thankfully, there is a way to quickly treat them when you are on-the-go hiking, biking, camping, having picnics in the park or taking trips to the beach.  One of our perpetually popular products, and for good reason, is our versatile Lavender Treatment Stick.  It is a must-have for soothing the minor cuts, abrasions, bug bites and burns of outdoor fun.  Lavender's naturally occurring antiseptic and topical anesthetic properties promote the healing of these skin irritations in an easily applicable stick form.  Kids, especially, enjoy applying it themselves to their "ouchies".  Keep one with your camping gear and hiking backpack, as well as picnic basket and beach bag. 
Learn why a Lavender Treatment Stick is a "must have" for your First Aid Kit.  

Naturally repel insects and treat bug bites with lavender

An ideal skincare pairing for outdoor living during the summer, adventuring near and far or for tropical vacations, is our Lavender Insect Repellant and Lavender Treatment Stick.  This preventative and treatment duo also make a thoughtful and very useful gift for the outdoorsy types.

How to naturally repel insects and treat bug bites with lavender

Fire Ant Bite Treatment

If you reside in an environment shared with little Fire Ants, you know the pain associated with their bites.  Fire Ants bites can occur simply by walking through your yard, the playground or the park, leaving one with painful, burning blisters that can last multiple days.  If you have been unfortunate enough to have been bitten, you know the desire for immediate relief from the pain and discomfort.  We create a Fire Ant Bite Treatment that uses the natural anesthetic and antiseptic properties of lavender to ease the inflammation and pain of these bites. Our natural formulation uses no harsh chemicals and is safe enough to use on the most sensitive skin.  The soothing properties of this specialized treatment are a must if you live in an area prone to Fire Ants.  Just add a small bottle to picnic baskets, diaper bags, backpacks and purses for quick relief while on-the-go.

How to naturally repel insects and treat bug bites with lavender

Being outside is good for us all — physically, mentally and emotionally — so grab your lavender and let's head outdoors for some fresh air and adventure!

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